The Reiki Slow Dance Effect

Before I get into the article topic, I’ll ask, what if Reiki was activated by two people right before they touched to engage in a slow dance together?

Who remembers the last time they slow danced with someone? Especially somebody you love, care about, or are attracted to? Was it back in high school at a high school dance? Was it at a wedding? Was it at a bar/ nightclub/ party/ rave? Was it in your backyard/ on a terrace/ balcony/ porch/ in your living room/ bedroom/ kitchen/ bedroom?

One thing we all hopefully share is at least one unforgettable memory of one of the most ultimate forms of public displays of affection/ intimacy, beyond sexual activity. Though some may argue that slow dancing can and often times does serve precisely as the perfect warm-up for a romantic interlude.

And if luck would have it, if you were fortunate enough to slow dance with someone you are actually very fond of, experience the ultimate combination of time standing still as you wish the dance could last forever. If certain things fall into alignment while in the embrace of a slow dance it can literally be one of the best shared transcendence experiences in the midst of mundane life.

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Mesmerizingly enjoyable, and this is even before making any type of eye-contact with your dance partner. As a stronger connection forms between you and the music inspired movements. Regardless of how young or how old, your sexual, orientation, race, financial status, social status all feel the exact same exhilaration in this moment.

The Reiki Slow Dance Effect

Say you happen to be slow-dancing with someone you love dearly and it’s your or their or even both favourite slow song as well. And if your song frequency played at 432 Hz it would actually feel heavenly. The actual perfect frequency of your song would be at 528 Hz, as the frequency of love itself. Imagine for a moment how this all feels. The feeling of the ultimate heart to heart prolonged embrace. It’s like a slow moving, long-lasting heart to heart hug.

In this moment of mindfulness and heartfulness, to consciously yet silently affirm Reiki sacred symbol ‘CKR’ (and utilize any other sacred symbols which feel you’d like to incorporate into this energy field), amplifying a flood of positive feelings and emotions, while thinking about what one desires to manifest is a powerful use of the energies both you and your dance partner are sharing as emerged oneness. And the most opportune time for the law of attraction to work it’s mojo through both of you.

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In this truly magickal moment as two merge into one and energies continue to build, as your conscious awareness is peaking.

Now the Reiki slow dance effect is realer than imagined, and experienced simultaneously. To stay embraced and subtly place the hands in comfortable yet freely upon specific areas of your dance partner’s back intuitively. Especially if while in sync you observe how all of this is affecting your dance partner’s breathing.

Now to match one another’s breathing patterns…

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