Know Your Heart Chakra: How to Heal and Balance It

When you feel that you have poor circulation on a physical level, you lack empathy on emotional level and you cannot show devotion on a spiritual level, be sure that your Heart chakra is blocked.

The Heart chakra is clearly in the heart area and is related to love and will. When the Heart chakra is open, it allows you to express love for yourself and others. It is a transition chakra that makes the connection between the lower, earthly energies (the first 3 chakras) and the higher, spiritual energies (the last 3 chakras). With air as the corresponding element, the Heart chakra symbolically occupies a middle position between heaven and earth. The more we become able to love unconditionally, the more the Heart chakra opens up and allows more energy to pass to the organs it supplies. The parts of the body associated with this chakra are the heart and the circulatory system, with the Solar Plexus, the lungs and the entire chest area. The physical sense associated with this chakra is the tactile sense.

The imbalance of this chakra can generate inability to forgive, exaggerated expectations from others, judgments of value, anger, critical thinking, dissatisfaction, resentment, fear, lack of love for life, unsatisfactory relationships, inability to receive and give love, disappointment, sensitivity, transition, loss of confidence, panic. So when this chakra is blocked, we tend to feel disconnected and have a problem loving other people or even ourselves.
Other symptoms that reflect the tension in this chakra are those that appear in the chest or spine, in this chakra. If we think logically, breastfeeding and any problems at this level for women means that the woman has cut off her femininity. The reason for her harshness is quite clear: she needs to get something out of her chest, a certain resentment that she held in her heart.

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How to heal and balance your Heart Chakra?

Love heals. Anything can be healed through love. Healing begins with the emotional acceptance that there is something that needs healing. Otherwise, there is such a great negation that the resistance to the situation gives a different orientation to the attention and energy that were initially directed towards healing. If we accept that something must be healed, we allow the manifestation of self-love, through the desire for healing to occur. Acceptance of healing allows acceptance of the state of consciousness in which the symptom is removed and no longer exists. It can also be used as a way to remind us that the love that surrounds a person must also be accepted by the person, in order to have the expected healing effect.

Opening the Heart chakra can be a process of self-acceptance, of replacing self-judgment with self-love. Parents and life partners tend to connect to the Heart chakra, because such a connection can be masked and enter the chakra as “love”. Sometimes it is a deceptive cord, because it enters through the heart and sneaks in the form of conditioned love. “I…

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