Reiki – The Journey to Self-Love

Love is the highest vibration on the earthly plane, it is an incredibly powerful force that acts as an antidote to all kinds of physical and emotional pain. We are born out of love and we are meant to live in a state of love.

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Love begins at home – when you love yourself unconditionally, you are able to do the same for others too. However, self-love does not happen naturally to everyone because of various reasons which can often be traced to childhood – including overly critical caretakers (parents, teachers, relatives etc.) or the environment which did not offer sufficient love and understanding. The inner child in us is mostly wounded and still in pain as an adult. We need to embrace that inner child and relieve it of all the painful memories it has gathered over the years. We need to ‘integrate’ it as a part of our experience as a soul and use it in order to grow and heal. Self-love is a journey that only begins and never ends and once you experience its taste, you would never look back.

So what is self-love?

Self-love means liberating yourself of all the self-sabotaging behaviors, thoughts and emotions no matter how or when these cropped up in our lives. Accepting yourself for all that you are. Drop the victim consciousness and own the responsibility of where you are in your journey of life. Self-acceptance is your ability to choose to affirm yourself and is quite different from perfection. Here you look at yourself with all your flaws and imperfections along with your potential to embrace the whole thing.

Self-love does not go against self-improvement. It is rather a necessary tool for self-improvement because you need to get over your self-criticism to make some constructive changes in your life and break the rut of self-sabotage and self-doubt.

It takes several baby steps to build the right level of self-love and from thereon, there is no looking back. Self-Reiki is one such step in this direction that goes a long way to restore the state of love and harmony in our lives. And when we are in self-love, we also attract loving relationships externally. It is like a chain reaction but we need to give it a spark to begin with. That’s how we find our tribe of loving souls and evolve towards higher states of consciousness for the collective good of human society.

Reiki – the journey to self-love

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Reiki is one such ritual we ought to adopt in our everyday lives to inculcate self-love. Love is a vibration just like other emotions. A caress, an embrace or simply a touch brings us to the realization of love. Reiki embodies the spirit of love and restores health, peace and harmony in the recipient. It does so in multiple ways. It gives you a natural high just as love does (the more you practice Reiki, the higher your vibration feels). Love is connection, the best binding force that brings joy and bliss. Reiki connects you to the Mother Earth…

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