Throat Chakra Alignment With Essential Oils

Throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha chakra from the sanscrit. This energy center is located at our throat area between collar bones, the color is blue, the sound is HAM. The physical body parts that are associated here are shoulders, neck, throat, jaw and mouth, ears. Glands which are associated with this energy centers are thyroid and parathyroid.

When we talk about our throat chakra, we also talk about our communication, our purity, honesty, integrity, personal truth, sense of inner freedom, our ability to express ourselves, our creativity through the sound, language and communication.

As a center of communication it includes our ability to speak, to write and what is really important here is our ability to listen. To listen with understanding, without any judgement, to listen not only to others but also to listen to ourselves, to our personal needs, our personal inner truth. That is also our ability to listen what is beyond the veil, what is beyond these physical realms, to listen with our psychic senses. That is also a center of our clairaudience.

When this energy center is in it’s full alignment that is when we are self-expressive, we can communicate with clarity and understanding, we are good listeners, we are in alignment with our personal truth. We have this inner sense of independence and inner freedom.

When this energy center for some reason is falling out of it’s alignment that is when we may experience such issues like lying, gossiping, arrogance, judgement (towards others and towards ourselves), berating others and ourselves, difficulty in sustaining and maintaining healthy boundaries, inability to fully express ourselves, our personal needs and desires, excessive shyness, fear around communication and speaking in general, feeling of inner detachment from our personal truth, detachment from our purpose in life, detachment from our emotions, inhibited creativity.

We can know if this energy center is out of its alignment by using our intuition or our psychic senses, and we can also know by using pendulum.

So which essential oils are really good for this energy center? There are few oils which I personally find to be fantastic when it comes to working with our throat chakra. And most of these oils are, interestingly enough, helping us to be in alignment with our Higher Self, our personal truth, they are encouraging communication, self-expression, promoting creativity. These are:

  • chamomile german and roman
  • cypress
  • geranium
  • peppermint or spearmint (whole mint family)
  • myrrh
  • blue tansy
  • coriander
  • laurel leaf
  • juniper
  • saro
  • palo santo
  • spike lavender
  • wintergreen

How do you select your essential oil? I would personally encourage to spend some time and to smell every single essential oils, perhaps even meditate with oils, let yourself to feel these oils, notice what kind of feeling does it bring in you, do you like this oil, does it…

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