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The Trager® Approach to bodywork facilitates deep relaxation, increased mobility and clarity.

At Trager® therapy schools, students learn how the gentle rocking and rolling movements of the Trager® approach helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns that can block the body’s natural, free-flowing motion.

With society’s increased focus on wellness and natural healing methods, Trager® therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace; making today an excellent time to become a Trager® therapist.

Learn more about this fascinating profession by reading the career and education information below.

Career Overview

Trager® therapy sessions generally last from 60 to 90 minutes during which clients remain comfortably clothed. The Trager® Approach involves two aspects: tablework and Mentastics.

  • During the tablework, clients remain passive, with the practitioner providing gentle, non-intrusive bodywork while the client lies on a padded table. The bodywork moves the clients in ways that they would naturally move, giving them a feeling of effortless motion.
  • Mentastics, the active aspect of the Trager® Approach, maintains the quality of effortless motion, with clients doing simple movements on their own as part of a daily self-care routine.

While the effects of the Trager® Approach are cumulative, clients benefit most from a series of sessions.

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Training and Education

Specialized Trager® therapy schools and traditional massage therapy colleges offer Trager® therapy training workshops.

What You’ll Study in Trager® Therapy School

Content may vary from program to program; however, you can expect Trager® therapy schools to cover these subjects:

  • Trager® movement education and practice
  • Mentastics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Body systems
  • Movement and transformation
  • Somatics
  • Ethics for Trager® therapists
  • Professional development

Additionally, Trager® therapy schools require students to complete tutorials and conduct fieldwork, which includes giving and receiving a specified number of Trager® therapy sessions, at the end of each training level.

Average Length of Study

Trager® therapy training takes two to four years to complete. Typically, Trager® therapy schools provide a year-round training curriculum, allowing students to schedule workshops at their convenience and arrange for hands-on practice sessions in between.

Average Tuition

Tuition for professional Trager® therapy training averages $725 to $1,000 per workshop. Depending on the location of the Trager® therapy school, you may also need to cover room and board costs during the workshop period.

Trager® Therapy Certification

Professional certification is available through Trager® therapy schools. Certification demonstrates not only that you have completed a program but that you meet established standards of practice, demonstrate proficiency in your field and maintain your credentials through continuing education.

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Learn more about massage therapy certification.

Career Outlook

Massage-oriented professions like Trager® therapy can anticipate a faster than average job growth (around 20% through 2031), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current Occupational Outlook Handbook. Among many factors, the increasing popularity of touch therapies and natural self-care remedies will play a prominent role in contributing to the job growth for massage professions in the coming years.

Trager® Therapy Salary

Salaries for massage professions, including those with Trager® therapy training, can vary widely. Take a look at salaries and job growth information for your state here:

Learn more about massage therapist salaries.

Is a Trager® Therapy Career Right for You?

A Trager® therapy career requires training in the gentle body movements of the practice and Mentastics. Having the self-motivation to complete the fieldwork required to earn Trager® therapy certification and eventually to build a Trager® therapy practice is also essential to this career.

If you are interested in Trager® therapy training, take a closer look at Trager® therapy schools. Then choose the Trager® therapy training program that meets your personal and professional needs.


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