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Virgo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility – Overview

The Virgo man will be fascinated by the impulsive and eccentric Aquarius woman. Their Virgo man Aquarius woman compatibility may, therefore, be perfect. He is dependable and unwavering, and she is everything that he is not. This results in a fascination about her that he just can’t let go of. He certainly won’t be intimidated by her quick wit and nifty thought patterns. The Virgo man is far from controlling or belligerent. The Aquarius woman will enjoy doing things her way without any constraint.

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As friends, they will be very close. They are completely on the same train of thought and will connect on an invisible level. Neither are very competitive, but they would rather work together to get things arranged.The Virgo man Aquarius woman friendship can have a deep respect for each other. They are ecstatic to have found someone who shares their outlook. To this couple, it forms part of the romance to be on the same intellectual level.

The Virgo man is extremely intelligent, very open and communicative. On the other hand, the Aquarius woman is always full of ideas waiting to go to fruition. The Virgo man Aquarius woman in love will find a lot of interesting topics to talk about. The Virgo man needs to feel secure within his relationship. The Aquarius woman wanting to try new things and pushing boundaries may unsettle him.

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Her supercilious ideas of saving mankind are contrary to his practical outlook to getting matters resolved. The Virgo man Aquarius woman lovebirds enjoy helping others. In fact, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. The Virgo man is looking for someone to settle down with. His vision is to create a home that is comfortable and idyllic. This is probably the furthest thing from her mind. She is not afraid to speak her mind.

Their Virgo man Aquarius woman compatibility starts with a keen interest in solving the mystery of each other. Mentally they will be in tune, but the question remains if it’s enough to sustain their relationship. Their mutual philanthropic objectives will get them started. How they go about achieving them might not be on the same page at all.

Passion should be avoided at all costs. Neither of Virgo man Aquarius woman soulmates has much faith in it. Their focus on avoidance. However, this can sometimes result in it creeping up behind them and surprising them when they least expect it.

Sex is not a very high on the priority list for either the Virgo man nor the Aquarius woman. When they accept each other’s individually, they will get it right. After that, the fun begins for them and Virgo man Aquarius woman sex soon follows.

Virgo man Aquarius woman marriage will be based on mutual respect and admiration for each other. Bearing in mind that the Virgo man is an earth sign, he would provide the stability that is needed in this marriage compatibility. On the other hand, Aquarius woman would spice up the relationship with her airy nature. She would be focused on making sure that they both have fun regardless of the life goals ahead of them.


Virgo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

On the positive side of this affair, Virgo man Aquarius woman lovers would always find a reason to admire and cherish each other’s presence. Aquarius woman would bring her friendly nature into this relationship which basically intrigues the Virgo man. Her intuitive nature would be a recipe for a stress-free relationship. Undeniably, she would easily know when the Virgo man is stress and in need of emotional uplifting. This infers that the Virgo man would never let her go.

Regardless of the life ambitions that the Virgo man would have at hand, he would be the right husband. Owing to his focused perception towards life, he would also view his woman the same way. Consequently, the Aquarius woman would never worry about her man playing around with her. As a matter of fact, the Virgo man would be worth admiring due to the devotion he brings into the relationship.

In terms of their careers out there, Virgo man Aquarius sun signs would be worth gossiping about. Their ambitious natures would find a way of bringing their trophies back home. Therefore, if the two lovebirds find a reason to work together, they would be a perfect match. This is for the reasons that they would offer each other the mental support needed to pursue their life goals.

Virgo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

On a sad note, Virgo man Aquarius woman soulmates would find it difficult to click more so in the bed. This happens due to their different perspectives with regards to sex. They have varying perceptions on sexuality and its importance in the relationship. From the Virgo’s standpoint, he knows perfectly that a successful relationship demands for passionate sex. This means that he would try his best to show love in ways that he…

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