Using Heart Energy to Manifest Your Desires

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Your success in manifesting your desires isn’t in re-programming your thoughts. It’s in the energy behind your thoughts. And the most important energy is the energy within your heart.

It is so important that it is the Secret of the Law of Attraction.

If your desires are rooted in heart energy, not only do they manifest faster and more easily, but it is easy to avoid negative thoughts…negative words…and negative feelings because…

…heart energy propels you forward to your goals.

It’s like your life is overflowing with miracles.

Connecting to Heart Energy

It’s easy to connect to heart energy.

It’s so easy you’ve probably done it before without realizing it.

All you have to do is feel the Universe’s love for you.

The Universe is constantly trying to let you know it loves you. Just be willing to listen.

As you feel the Universe’s love, simply love it back.

It’s this feeling of love that will let you know you have connected with your heart energy.

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If you’re having trouble feeling the Universe’s love for you, begin by telling the Universe how much you love it. Let it know all the reasons why you love it.

Say it with feeling.

Say it from your heart.

Allow the energy to increase of its own accord.

Feel it within you and all around you.

Almost immediately you’ll feel energized as you connect with your heart energy.

Once you are connected to your heart energy, begin thinking about what you would like to manifest.

Describe it to the Universe, expressing gratitude as if you had already received your desire.

You can even picture your desire and imagine it entering your heart where the energy is the strongest.

When you’re done, just let it all go. You might still feel energized (note: this is a great afternoon pick-me-up), but you can let it go whenever you feel ready.

However, the more you hold onto heart energy throughout the day, the more synchroncities you will observe in your life…

…and you will discover it is the secret to success with the Law of Attraction.

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