The Keys to Successfully Manifesting Your Desires

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Manifesting your desires is being able to visualize, being able to think, being able to feel or smell or use some sense from mind energy to be able to believe that that object is there for you, and in so believing you draw that object to you through the manifestation of it. You are going out and seeking the vibrational energy in that object, and by your request you are pulling it to you. It first resides in your mind as a visual image, as a thought. As you connect to it, it will be brought to you.

That’s why when you are manifesting, it is important to know what it is that you so desire. If you don’t have sufficient clarity, it is likely that you will not connect to and receive your exact desire.

It is okay if your desires are very strong within you, but it is not enough to just ask for your desires. You must also allow them to leave you. You need to know that your desires are here and working for you, even though you may not see or hear them…or have any sign of them being in your life at the present time.

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You should keep a vibrational connection to your desires so that you can attend to them if need be, such as changing what it is that you’re requesting. There may be something that changes about it or about yourself that you now need to change what it is you’re requesting.

However, at the same time, you must not be so desirous of what it is that you seek that you are constantly questioning why it is not there, where it is at, is it coming to you, you can’t believe it until you see it – those sorts of questions and comments should not be a part of your conscious mind or even your subconscious mind. They should not even be a part of you because you cannot determine when your desires will appear in your life.

To be able to instantly manifest your desire in front of you takes much more vibrational energy and consistent belief in your ability to produce that which is not there. It takes the object, so to speak, out of the mind, out of the other senses – out of touch, out of smell – and brings it to you in such a way that you immediately feel it or have it in front of you or in the vicinity of where you are at.

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If it truly is that there is nothing there until you perceive it, until you actually can see it or touch it, then it is that ability to make something from nothing that creates it instantly in front of you.

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