Weekly Tarotscope November 28 2022

With Sagittarius season in full swing, we’re now in the heat of the Fire full-time. And as the end of 2022 is nearing the corner, plenty of us could use the adrenaline!

This week doesn’t feature as many earth-shaking events as we may have gotten so used to over the past couple of weeks. Save for the First Quarter Moon on the 30th. We have a relatively tame week in terms of astroweather ahead.

This makes it an ideal time to acclimate further to the energy that already has rolled in rather than try to process something new. In other words, if you’ve been having difficulty finding your footing, now might be your time to stabilize and relax.

As always, this, of course, can vary depending on your zodiac sign or personal situation. But that’s why we check in weekly with the Tarot to see those details!


The Magician

Aries is back in their groove, making this week your time to shine.

The Magician enters the scene with a creative spark, passion, new ideas, and a whole lot of skill. This is the energy you are capable of seizing this week, so long as you’re up to the challenge.

The key to utilizing the blessings of The Magician is… well, utilizing them. You can’t just sit back with this card and wait for things to happen to you.

This week, the magic is within you… and it’s time to send it out into the world.


The Hierophant

Taurus, the answers lie in tried and true solutions and age-old knowledge this week.

It may initially sound a little boring, but sometimes The Hierophant knows best. Many of us love to pretend we know better than convention and rebel against the current, but Taurus knows that sometimes there’s beauty in what’s well-established.

There’s a time and a place for experimentation. This isn’t one of those.

This week may be best-served listening to teachers, elders, and respected members of your community. And if that’s you, it may also be your time to demand center stage.


Wheel of Fortune

Gemini has been wrestling with change for a hot minute, and the Wheel of Fortune keeps up the trend.

More specifically, this week is likely about finding flow with the Universe again. Its whims and movements can be unpredictable, but the Wheel demands trust and faith in something larger than you.

You can’t always understand how the little things — even the uncomfortable changes and hiccups — will lead to blessings later. But this card asks that you lean into this new energy this week, knowing intuitively that you’re headed to a good place (even if you can’t see it just yet).


Ace of Swords

Cancer, it’s time to take the reins and move with confidence.

The Ace of Swords brings forth opportunity, but it’s the kind of opportunity you’ll likely find in conversations, new ideas, and fresh starts. It’s also the kind of opportunity that can come and go quickly before you blink.

That is to say that now is a time to really seize the day and take what’s yours. This may mean speaking up even when it’s not your turn to speak, having a difficult conversation that benefits you or even hitting “send” on that risky text.

Whatever it is for you, it’s time to come out of the crab shell. It’s game time!


The World (Reversed)

Not every week is one full of sunshine and rainbows.

For Leo, The World reversed can be worse than an outright obstacle. Instead of a clear enemy, this card reversed points more to a lack of fulfillment and completion, like something is just “missing.”

Even if you can’t entirely source what feels so “off,” it’s clear that something is just out of sync. And that feeling, even though uncomfortable, is ultimately okay. You don’t need to solve it right now, find a grand solution, or take center stage.

It’s not a dramatic nor glamorous suggestion, but this week’s card advises you to be patient as the funny feeling fades out.


3 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Virgo always knows how to get the job done — but not everyone else does.

The 3 of Pentacles reversed points to a lack of harmony, whether in your social or work settings, or perhaps a disharmony with your resources and general environment.

It may feel like nothing is clicking lately, like when you communicate yourself, you’re hitting a brick wall, or that when you put out an idea, the Universe smacks it right back down into the ground.

Of course, it’s not always as dramatic as the world conspiring against you. Sometimes things just don’t align with ease. This week is about patience — both with others and yourself — as you navigate a time of easy miscommunication.


8 of Pentacles

You’ve been planning, sharing, and being practical and efficient so far, Libra.

Now with the 8 of Pentacles on the table, you’re actually getting to execute the plans you may have spent so long only contemplating and perfecting. This is a week of doing, of acting.

It’s not the fastest or most dramatic set of actions, of course. Much of this week may be repetitive and…

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