Dream of Being Paralyzed and Unable to Speak: 7 Meanings 

​​At one point or another, we’ve spent some time with someone who is paralyzed and unable to talk. 

I’ve had this experience recently when I visited a beloved aunt who just suffered a stroke. I remember how active she was in her younger days.

And yet secretly, I was wishing and praying that this will never happen to me.

I feel hurt and worried seeing a person close to me in this state but I also know I would be devastated if I were to be in the same state.

But what if we dream of being paralyzed and unable to speak? What does this mean? Should we be afraid after dreaming of this?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Paralyzed?

dream being paralyzed

When you dream about being paralyzed, then it’s the universe’s way of telling you to do some serious thinking.

The higher beings are prompting you to reflect on your life.

Being paralyzed means being unable to do many things. And when you dream of being in this state, then it means that you must take the time out to do some serious reflection.

The universe doesn’t want you to simply ask yourself how you are feeling.

Instead, it wants you to take a close and slow examination of your life.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • Are you in a good state in your life?
  • Are you progressing in your goals?
  • How are your relationships with family, friends, and partners?
  • Are you making the most of your spiritual gifts and talents?
  • What can you do differently to ensure that you live a meaningful life?
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These are just some of the questions you can ask when reflecting on your life’s journey.

There are plenty of others and what’s important is to dig deep into your feelings.

I believe you will love the meaning of trying to get somewhere but you can’t in a dream.

What Does it Mean Dreaming About Being Unable to Speak?

unable to speak dream

They say that talking less means being able to hear others and see the world more clearly. This is what it means when you dream of being unable to speak.

It’s the higher being’s way of telling us to be silent and instead listen and observe.

It’s a sign that we are talking too much or doing too much to the point that we no longer have a clear view of our world and the people in it.

 We are being told that we are so preoccupied with following daily routines that we fail to recognize what the world is saying.

Being unable to speak in our dream is a way of telling us to slow down and take time to smell the flowers.

Living our busy lives has led us to be unable to see how others are faring and how we can be better persons by reaching out to others.

This dream is meant for us to silence our words and actions so we can see clearly what’s happening around us.

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7 Meanings of Dreaming About Being Paralyzed and Unable to Speak

7 Meanings of Dreaming About Being Paralyzed and Unable to Speak

But, what is the universe really trying to tell you with this dream? Does it mean you’ll be paralyzed soon? Don’t worry. Dreaming about being paralyzed and unable to speak doesn’t mean it will happen to you.

It’s just a way for the universe to get your attention. Let’s now understand what it really means.

1) You Feel That Nobody Appreciates You

Your dream of being paralyzed and unable to talk reflects your feelings that nobody appreciates you.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling disappointed for some time at how people seem cold to you despite being good to them.

Maybe you’ve been wondering all this time why some people whom you care about don’t appreciate your efforts.

Maybe it’s the people you live with like family or friends who don’t take the time out to say thank you for providing or anticipating their needs.

Perhaps you are resentful of people at work who don’t take notice of your diligence and hard work.

The dream is a message from the heavens above that some people may not notice what you do for them but the universe sees your actions and heart.

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It knows that you are doing things well because of your genuine concern for others.

2) You Feel That Your Life is Stagnant

Being paralyzed and unable to articulate your thoughts in words in your dreams is quite revealing of your true feelings of lack of progress in your life.

You have likely been unhappy in so many aspects of your life including the following:

  • Family or home life;
  • Love life or romantic relationships;
  • Work-life.

Our life has many facets to it. We have our families, our work, and other relationships. Sometimes we lament the lack of progress in one area of our life. 

You may, for example, be feeling that you are not growing at work. Maybe you want to be given more challenging tasks or want a higher post.

It is also possible that you are feeling down because of your dating life.

That despite efforts to find someone special and be in a relationship, you are still alone and single.

You may be feeling stuck in one area of life or several. And…

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