What Does It Mean When You See 444?

The universe is always sending us messages. One of the ways the universe communicates with us is through numbers and signs.

You have seen this number on clocks, your phone and many other places. Why is that when you look at your phone for the time, and it’s 4:44?

This number has special significance; it has shown up in your life many times for a reason.

What Does It Mean?

The significance of the number 444 means you should be aware of the incoming messages you are likely to receive.

The time has come for you to embrace and align with how the universe works.

Let the universe flow through you naturally. 444 Also represents your need to be understood. Maybe you are living through life, and you are not appreciated? I know that feeling.

There is something important in your life you want to secure and understand.

When you receive this important reminder, you should strive to get it

444 In Numerology

When you reduce 444, you get 12 and 3. The number three in numerology signifies the perfection of how the universe works.

Three is also the number that joy should be shared with other people.

The energy of this number is simple. Number 3 represents joy and optimism; you have the confidence to uplift the atmosphere. Other unique traits are humour and charisma.

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As you can see 444’s connection to number 3 might give you insights on how you should live your life.

If you see this number and your life path is also number 3. Then Double Kudos, universal alignment is within your grasp.

Another Wink From The Universe

The number 444, is just a sign, it is neither good or bad. Only the universe letting you know you are in alignment, just keep your head up, many great things are coming your way.

Look for the signs and make the opportunities count.

Looking For The signs

In the event of this number appearing, its good time to pay attention, to other signs you may receive. They could be numbers.

They could even be your thoughts, people coming into your life. It could be something someone might tell you or even music you might be listening to.

Pay careful attention to words and sentences. Certain words may strike a chord with you. When you are ready, your mind and spirit will guide you to understand them.

Appreciate It

When this number shows up in your life, always be appreciative of its significance. It’s a number of solace and comfort.

It’s like your best friends telling you ” heads up, great things are coming for you”. Follow your intuition, check the signs, let the universe flow through you.

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Look more deeply, look out for all the signs, your thoughts and what people might say to you. Look out for other numbers. Further, into the journey of life, these signs will make more sense to you.

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