11 Dreams of Rats Running Around the House: Be Careful!

The rat isn’t exactly a favorite pet or animal of many people. In fact, rats are often viewed as pests and must be disposed of as quickly as possible.

Many people also are iffy about seeing rats and worry excessively when they have rats at home. Seeing rats running all over their homes gives them goosebumps.

But what does it mean if you dream of having rats running around your house? Should we be alarmed when we dream of this?

In this post, we’ll talk about the spiritual meanings when you dream of rats running around the house.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About a Rat?

dream of rat

Rats may be considered pests but they have some good qualities. These include their high intelligence and curiosity.

When you dream about a rat, it could pertain to a message related to your intelligence.

The heavens are probably telling you to think things carefully, leaning into your intelligence. 

Are you by any chance in any of these situations?

  • Have to make a career-related decision;
  • Thinking twice about making significant changes in your life;
  • About to make a major purchase;
  • Concerned about making a life-changing decision soon.

Some major decisions in our life require careful thinking. And when you dream of rats, it’s because the universe is telling you to tap into your intelligence.

Do not be hasty, but instead take your time to assess your situation.

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The dream is the universe’s way of telling you that you need to be careful and use your head in making decisions.

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What Does Dreaming of a Rat in the House Mean Spiritually?

rat in your plate

You may feel icky seeing a rat in your home, but dreaming of one inside your house actually comes with a spiritual meaning.

Rats may be nocturnal animals but they actually are great at adapting to their current environments. Neither are they known for fighting each other off.

Thus, when you dream of a rat in the house it comes with the spiritual meaning that you must be trusting of the universe’s plans for you.

The heavens expect you to be much like the rat, which means you must be able to adapt to situations in your life.

The dream is a reminder from the heavens that nothing in life is permanent except change. And sometimes your life can change in a blink of an eye.

As a believer, you must keep your faith by being adaptive to current situations. 

There is no need to ask God why things happen when they happen.

Instead, the heavens want you to be at peace that the One above is in control regardless of what happens to your life.

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11 Dreams of Rats Running Around the House Meaning 

11 Dreams of Rats Running Around the House Meaning 

It’s not very common to dream of rats running around your house. So, if it happened to you, consider yourself lucky! You have a deep connection with the spiritual world and they have something to tell you. Something about your present life and your future.

Let’s now explore what is the meaning of having this dream.

1) Rat running in the house

Rats run in the house all the time. You will find different sizes and ages of rats running all over your home whether indoors or outdoors.

But is there a meaning to it? The rat in your dream could be representing you.

You are running away from people who bring negative energies or are jealous of you. Perhaps these negative energies are coming from the following:

  • Family;
  • Housemates;
  • People at work;
  • Friends;
  • Schoolmates;

For example, people at work could be jealous of your success.

They may be talking behind your back when the boss singles you out for your good work or others are whispering that you don’t deserve the promotion when you get one.

When you dream of the rat it could be representing what you should be doing when dealing with negative or jealous people.

It’s the universe’s way of telling you to run away from such people.

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2) Dead rat in the house

Rats running is just one of the things you can dream about. But what if your dream involves rats being dead in the house?

Seeing dead rats in real life makes us feel uncomfortable.

We either run away from the dead rat or get the broom and dustpan immediately to sweep and throw away the dead rat.

The last thing we want is for the dead rat to be eaten by other insects like worms or ants or to start smelling quite foul.

This is also the message the universe is sending to us when we dream of dead rats in our homes. The message is that we should be cleaning our homes of clutter

Clutter tends to obstruct our view. Perhaps our lives are feeling a bit messy or disorganized these days and we wonder how to get rid of this feeling.

The best way to do this is to clean our home not just physically but also emotionally.

We may, for one, have been dealing with some issues with…

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