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With the science of astrology, you can match the characters from the Barbie movie knowing who defines and speaks to you on a soulful level, and you can envision yourself in alignment to them. What exactly are Barbies but projections of yourself? Below, discover which Barbie you are based on your horoscope, and don’t forget to check your sun and rising!

Aries: Weird Barbie
Weird Barbie is who gets home haircuts and has makeup around her face. Quite simply, she’s the bold Barbie that’s always down to do something spontaneous, just like an Aries. Aries don’t care if their hair is mussed or they’re wearing mismatched socks, as long as there’s somewhere to go and something to do.

Taurus: Midge
Justice for Midge! Like Taurus, Midge never sways in her decision making and listens to her heart. Her loyalty to Barbie as her BFF is hundred percent. Midge is quite happy with having stability in her home life. In true Taurus fashion, she relishes in being partnered up with Allan and getting pregnant (which makes her blissful, sure). Since they’re Barbie and Ken’s besties, Midge and Allan are on the way to being a (mid) power couple of Barbie Land.

Gemini: Author Barbie
Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are known to flex their writing muscles (since they are the stellar and natural communicators of the zodiac), by sharing their take on everything going in the world, aka Barbie Land. Creating content and sharing the tea for every doll to enjoy and read is precisely what famed Author Barbie strives for – which is why she’s ready to take notes on a whim.

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Cancer: Mermaid Barbie
Because the first water astrological sign, Cancers are ruled by the Moon. This makes them intuitive and sensitive. Their longing and desire to have love are reminiscent of a siren’s call; even more reason the Mermaid Barbie defines them. Even though Cancers can get swept up in a sea of emotion if the tide is high, they have the wherewithal to find their in the past to earth – also known as the Barbie Ocean.

Leo: President Barbie
Leos would be the fiery rulers of the forest, so they really are the best zodiac sign to govern Barbie Land. Their ability to be strong leaders allows Leo to captivate the masses. Also to be considered a good politician, one must capture the spirit of the Barbie universe and also rock a pink ball gown with sparkly heels while leading others toward progress, which President Barbie is able to do with ease.

Virgo: Journalist Barbie
Virgos are experts at diving into details and researching everything of a particular subject, as being a journalist. They are constantly reading and learning new things. Talking is also one of Virgo’s specialties, so they’d excel at asking questions of sources and interview subjects. Their organizational skills would also be super useful in keeping each of their information straight, too.

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Libra: Diplomat Barbie
Libras are represented by the scales, and they want to pursue justice and make others happy. They’re known to be levelheaded and staying neutral during disagreements, which are essential traits for a diplomat. Being an air sign, Libras are also very social and could have no issue chatting with representatives from other countries.

Scorpio: Doctor Barbie
Scorpios have the power to heal and transform people, which is why Doctor Barbie could be the perfect fit for the restorative water sign. Passion, devotion, and discretion come in spades for Scorpios, and all are valuable characteristics for healthcare professionals. Doctor Barbie manages the health of everyone in Barbie World and performs surgeries on broken doll parts; playing “Operation” is definitely an essential element of this Barbie doll’s job description – even though has to be done in heels.

Sagittarius: Ken
Ken is easygoing and happy-go-lucky, exactly like Sagittarians. Known for their love of adventure and travel, if Sagittarians lived in Barbie World, they’d absolutely be professional surfers, always down to head on a wild road trip-even if it means leaving the entire world they’ve always known. Their main concern? Remembering to pack their rollerblades. Plus, Ken has that classic Sagittarius charm.

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Capricorn: Physicist/Nobel Prize-Winning Barbie
Capricorns are able to become successful in anything they put their minds and hearts to. So , it’s no wonder that Physicist/Nobel Prize-Winning Barbie is really a sea-goat, since this earth sign is a powerhouse. Capricorns are able to give their most and better to every endeavor. Studying space, time, energy, and matter is important work that is easy for Capricorn to understand since they’re wanting to apply their knowledge into everyday activity – or the Barbie Dreamworld.

Aquarius: Physicist Barbie
Aquarians spend much of their time studying and learning, so a career that requires plenty of research, like Physicist Barbie, is perfect. The sign is highly logical and is usually skilled at math and scientific subjects. Aquarius’ forward-thinking mind would…

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