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Maybe you have already considered which anime girlboss you have the most in accordance with. No matter what their gender is, this thought has crossed many anime fans’ minds. Leos might be courageous leaders, but they can also get a little bit full of themselves, exactly like Tsunade of Naruto. 

Sagitarians like Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell can take unnecessary risks, but they’re also optimistic and deeply philosophical. It’s time to learn which female anime character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: San
Represented by the fiery Ram, Aries are unstoppable when it comes to pursuing their goals. Aries energy bestows pride, boldness, and heroism – but it also can lead to stubbornness, arrogance, and reckless behavior. San of Princess Mononoke is a powerful wolf princess with a singular goal: to guard her forest home from anyone who means it harm, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to reach her goal. That kind of dedication is commendable, but San also channels the dark side of her sign – she rarely stops to consider other points of view and frequently takes unnecessary risks without stopping to plan ahead.

Taurus: Touka Kirishima
Like many people born underneath the star sign Taurus, Touka Kirishima seeks a stable, comfortable life, one which she has never been able to truly achieve as a ghoul. Due to the constant warfare between her species and humans, the feminine protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul has to spend most of her time either hiding or fighting to survive, and she’s deprived of the stability she needs. This leads to the kind of stubborn, excessively cautious personality that is common in Taureans on a bad day. Yet Touka also exhibits some more positive Taurean traits – when she feels comfortable, she can be warm, supportive, and creative.

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Gemini: Shion Karanomori
Fascinating. Charming. Wise. Judgmental. These are all traits Geminis exude with ease – and so does Psycho-Pass’s Shion Karanomori, a brilliant analyst and physician who works for the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau. Shion is a charismatic woman who does not like to be told what direction to go and who always has an opinion on everyone else’s conduct. Despite this tendency towards negativity, she possesses an effortless charm, which easily draws people in to her circle.

Cancer: Mikasa Ackerman
Cancers are naturally inclined toward taking care of others, and that is the driving force behind Mikasa Ackerman. Nothing is more crucial that you Mikasa than protecting her adoptive brother Eren Jaeger from both the man-eating beasts who threaten everybody in Attack on Titan and his own reckless behavior. Sometimes, this can get a little stifling for Eren, who has his own goals that do not include being protected. Like many Cancers, Mikasa can sometimes get so wrapped up in caring for the others she forgets her very own needs, and she can get angry when Eren won’t let her look after him.

Leo: Tsunade
To know Naruto’s Tsunade issue a command is all but the just like witnessing the roar of the regal Leo. Like a bit of good Leo, Tsunade is just a leader – she serves as the hokage, or leader, of both her village and its ninja military. She’s fiercely protective of her nearest and dearest and her community, willing to sacrifice almost anything in their service, and she inspires confidence in all who meet her. Her tendency to get sloppy drunk then ferociously berate people who annoy her make for slightly less admirable Leo attributes, however.

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Virgo: Shirase Kobuchizawa
A spot Further Than The Universe tells the story of Shirase Kobuchizawa, a teenage girl who makes up her mind to go to Antarctica to look for her mother who disappeared while on an expedition there. How does she achieve this lofty goal? Through her Virgo traits, naturally. As a Virgo, Shirase is resourceful, hardworking, and dedicated – she manages to truly save 1 million yen for her journey, gather a crew of friends to choose her, and convince an expedition to take her aboard. That calculating Virgo vibe has gotten her far in life, but it also brings her down – Shirase can sometimes get uptight and critical of others, and she gets overrun when things do not go her way.

Libra: Saber
Saber of Fate/Stay Night exhibits some key Libra qualities. The Scales characterize this air sign, making Libras supremely focused on fairness and balance. Saber is specialized in her role as a knight and wants desperately to bring fairness and peace to as many individuals as possible. She has an enchanting streak when it comes to Shiro, a trait common to Libras, but because she quit some of her humanity when she became King of Knights, she suppresses that part of her personality.

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Scorpio: Yuno Gasai
The eighth sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, produces some of the most intense energy imaginable. Scorpios are passionate, loyal, and protective – powerful traits which can be easily twisted in to something dark. Regarding Yuno Gasai of Future Diary,…

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