Working with Archangel Michael

Article by Rinku Patel

Hello everyone, lately I have been getting lots of emails to write about angels. Earlier I had written an article Working with Archangel Chamuel, so continuing further, I will keep writing about each archangel in coming few days. Let us work with Archangel Michael in this article.

Archangel Michael – Just a name is enough to bring the feeling of warmth and safety within us. Archangel Michael helps with protection, guides about life purpose, take lost souls to light, release ties, even help repair appliances and more…

How to invoke Archangel Michael? Duh!! Simply talk to him and tell him your problems, that’s it. OK so why do we do prayers and rituals? Well, it’s our way of showing them love and respect. We are putting our energies and making efforts for something we want. Also, the tools we use in rituals (candles, crystals, oils, herbs) have their own magical properties and all these help magnify the power of our wishes and prayers.

Protection – Some easy ways:

  • Whenever you need protection, of any kind, simply call Archangel Michael. You can simply say “Archangel Michael, please protect me”. That would be enough too.
  • You can form a prayer in your own words.
  • Use the prayers available online.
  • Imagine a purple bubble/egg/triangle around you. Ask Archangel Michael to keep negativities and lower energies away from this bubble and create a protective shield around this bubble. You can even imagine a miniature version of your whole house inside this bubble.
  • Light a candle or incense stick and take it to all room. Say, “Dear Archangel Michael, Please remove negativities, entities, lower energies, evil eyes, psychic attacks, curses and residual imprints of previous residents from this room and infuse this room with your Divine energies, this or better. Thank You”.
  • Imagine or visualise Archangel Michael before you, behind you, to your left, to your right and above you. This way you are protected from all sides.
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There are many more methods but these are some easiest tried and tested ones.

Working with Archangel Michael

Image by Deleuran


Whenever you are traveling, pray to Archangel Michael to cover and shield your vehicle from any kind of mishaps, accidents, negativities, entities etc.

Say, “Dear Archangel Michael, please remove all kind of negativities, entities and lower energies from this ____ (vehicle) and create a protective shield around this ___ (vehicle). Please protect me and everyone in the vehicle as well as people walking and driving around this ___ (vehicle), this or better, Thank You.”

Life Purpose-

Those who want to know what their life purpose is, simply ask or pray to Archangel Michael to show and guide towards your life purpose. If you already know your life purpose but facing problems and blockages, ask Archangel Michael to remove blockages from your life path. You may get your answer via advice from friends, something you hear or see, may get guidance in dreams or get as thought forms. Trust your…

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