Improving Yourself: 28 Positive Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

Personal growth and self-improvement come when we think about who we want to become and we take the necessary steps to get there.

But this isn’t possible without first analyzing where we are right now, and what we need to change about our lives and ourselves to bring ourselves closer to the people we want to be and the lives we want to lead.

But the truth is, most of us go about our days living from our subconscious minds, carrying out the same routines and habits without really ever questioning what we’re doing.

And then we wonder why we’re feeling unfulfilled…

When was the last time you actually stopped and asked yourself “what am I doing?”, or better yet, one of the positive questions to ask yourself that I suggest in this post?

If it was a long time ago, or maybe even never, then you should know that you’re definitely not alone as 95% of the population are probably in the same boat.

However, you’re here reading this post, which tells me that there’s a part of you that wants to be better and do better.

And by asking yourself these questions daily and using your answers to guide your life, you can.

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28 positive questions to ask yourself every day

Why should you ask yourself daily questions?

In my opinion, asking yourself questions like these daily is fundamental to your growth.

But why daily, you ask?

Because if we want to change ourselves and our lives, then we need to show up every single day to make it happen, no matter how small an action it is that we take.

Living each day with purpose is the key to making big changes and ultimately reaching your goals and desires.

And asking yourself daily questions is a way to stay on track and in alignment with your purpose.

And when I say daily, I mean every single day. That means no days off.

You might think that sounds a little strict. I call it disciplined.

Because if you take a day off… one day off can easily become two days off, become three days, four… a week, a month, and before you know it you’ve lost sight of your purpose altogether. 

Without this purpose to guide you, you’re more likely to fall into old habits and behaviors and come completely off track.

Committing to finding five minutes out of every day to ask yourself some questions really isn’t a big feat when you think about it, especially since it can help to bring you much closer to your dreams and desires.

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How to get the most out of self-reflection questions

As I’ve already stressed, the best way to get the most out of self-reflection questions is to make use of them every single day.

But there are other ways to ensure that you’re getting the full benefits of them too, such as…

waking up

Asking yourself questions every morning

If there’s a time of day that should be a non-negotiable when it comes to self-reflection questions, it should be the morning.

When you start your day by asking yourself questions, you are ensuring that you can get into the right mindset to go about your day with purpose.


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