Managing Existential Depression with Reiki

In my most recent article, I discussed the concept of existential depression and its manifestation as a spiritual emergence or crisis. The article also described the symptoms of existential depression, along with its similarities to, and differences from, traditional clinical depression. Additionally, it examined existential depression as an opportunity for momentous spiritual growth as the individual struggles with thorny issues such as the meaning of life, the inevitability of physical death, and the possibility of existence and consciousness beyond the material world. Indeed, the challenges presented during an existential depression can serve as a vehicle to move us ever closer to the truth of our existence – that we are each a spark of the divine Source, eternal and immortal. This is not to say that navigating existential depression is an easy task – it is often immensely daunting. However, it is when we feel rooted in the most challenging circumstances that we may find the seeds of tremendous growth and evolution.

The first article also explained how the presence of Reiki in our lives during an existential depression is an unerring guide through the darkness as it leads us ever closer to our inner Light and authenticity. Today’s article focuses on Reiki’s role in managing existential depression, not only as a powerful tool but also as a gentle and steadfast ally on the journey to our authentic selves.

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A period of existential depression is not always limited to a single event; for a majority of individuals, it is a recurring condition, appearing during times of extraordinary internal stress or dissonance1,2, when one senses a disconnection or misalignment with the true Self. This sense of being other than who we are creates tremendous internal chaos and, for many, may result in an episode of existential depression. In my experience, these feelings of inauthenticity and disconnection undoubtedly triggered my initial period of existential depression many years ago. However, I did not recognize it as such at that time. It was only after years of recurrent depressive episodes, followed by traditional treatments that were largely ineffective, accompanied by an increasing sense of isolation from the “real world” that I finally recognized these periods of darkness for what they were, which was a manifestation of chronic internal conflict between who I was and who I thought I should be. This life-changing realization coincided with the arrival of Reiki in my life, an event which I eventually recognized as completely purposeful and timely. Although I had yet to learn that Reiki finds us when we need it the most, I gratefully clung to its comfort and loving guidance during those days as it gently led me away from darkness and pointed me toward the Light. With Reiki’s assistance, I learned a great deal about my inner and outer…

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