5 Guidelines for New Reiki Healers

Be sincere about your practice. 

It pains me deeply to read about the various shortcut ideas for daily Reiki practice. Yes, feel free to experiment, but short-cut methods will short-cut your results too. Shortcuts are fine for occasional days when you are really hard-pressed for time, but on a regular basis daily healing by placing your hands on your body is needed. In my observation, for a regular working individual, a minimum of 30 minutes is needed to cleanse the disturbances we pick up. During harder times, more is needed. I’ve also observed that twice a day practice is more powerful than hours of once-a-day practice. Morning-evening practice makes you extremely resilient and barely any other practice is needed if you simply do this much, every single day.

Look at it in terms of decades.

We learn Reiki, hear that a 21-day-practice is a must, and we think of it as a 21-day process. This is only just the beginning. We live in the age of instant gratification, but time still flies. It’ll be a decade before we know it – do your practice every single day, every year you add to it, counts immensely towards deepening your grounding on the spiritual pathway.

Don’t try to control the outcome.

One of the traps many of us fall into very easily is that we want things to go our way. This works against you in the long run, even though in the short term it may sometimes offer gains. Of course, I guess sometimes one needs to learn the hard way to really grasp the meaning of this lesson, but if the words do resonate with you, this is what I’d say – surrender to the energy and accept with grace the problems it does not solve – those problems are meant to help you grow. Focusing on growth rather than solutions will take you a lot further and also greatly enhance your capacity to heal.

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5 Guidelines for New Reiki Healers

Let Reiki decide when your next level is.

Many teachers and students these days want to club levels and teach things in a hurry. I compare it with planting a seed and then piling 5 years worth of fertilizer on top of it. You won’t wake up to a tree the next morning regardless of what you do, it will still take its time. Learning levels prematurely takes away the magic you can truly experience. So set your ego aside and let Reiki decide when it is right for you to learn the next level (it will simply be inconvenient/ unaffordable if it is not the right time for you, if this is what you open your heart to). The levels are NOT a race – your capacity to heal others depends on the frequency and sincerity of your practice, not the level you are at. I’ve at times requested my level 2 students for help, because it is the purity of heart and sincerity of practice that makes miracles happen. Some people wait years between levels, but when they do learn, it is a magical experience. I say this from watching the progress of students for over two decades.

Pick one thing and stick with it.

Like with relationships, if you keep moving from one method to another, you…

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