Cleansing During 21 Days Self Healing Reiki Practice

These are two general queries of most of the people before they get themselves initiated to Reiki:

A. Why 21 days practice is necessary?
B. What happens during this 21 days practice?

Dear friends, Reiki works at subtle as well as physical level both first it works on subtle level than on physical level, so it is necessary to understand it’s functioning on the subtle and physical bodies both. It detoxifies the body at mental, physical and spiritual level.

A. Why 21 days are must for practice?

  1. As you are channelized to energy, your body takes a time of 21 days to be familiar with this divine energy.
  2. Energy needs a time, to clean up all the 72000 nadis, chakra – main and minor both, of 21 days to be well versed with body.
  3. It is said and proved by some of psychologist that our brain mapping system takes a minimum of 21days to build up a new habit or to give away an old belief system.
  4. During these 21 days we heal each chakra at the emotional, physical and spiritual level and for all the seven chakras minimum of 21 days are required.
  5. During Reiki practice accumulated negative energies are taken out of the body even from our sub-conscious mind so a time period of 21 days must to devote to this divine practice.
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B. What happens during 21 days practice?

The 21 days practice is for cleansing of our nadis, chakras. Our cosmic tubules get cleaned by getting all the blockages removed from them. As this cleansing is going on in our system some of the consequences be noticed on physical and emotional levels.

The cleansing process varies from individual to individual. No two persons can withstand the same cleansing process because everyone has a different mental set up. The condition of the chakra can never be the same with two personalities so, then, how come cleansing process be the same?

Few, of the common features seeing during self-healing practice are.

  1. The hotness or coldness in the whole body.
  2. The palms may be sweating and secreting too much heat or, may be felt snow cold.
  3. Itching may be felt in the whole body or on some specific part.
  4. Laziness or overactiveness may be noticed.
  5. Numbness can be felt.
  6. You may feel someone has just passed by you or just someone is following you all the time.
  7. Too much urination.
  8. After effects can cause diarrhea.
  9. Some may have a feeling of vomiting.
  10. Headache is also observed at few practitioners.
  11. It may result in a mild fever.
  12. The pulsating sensation can be felt in all parts of the body and especially in the hands.
  13. One may feel a tingling sensation.
  14. Some may feel some buzzing sound around them.
  15. One may have an electric shock like feeling.
  16. Some time the dermis layer gets removed off. Skin from hands starts peeling off. This happened in my case on the day of initiation my both hands skins were peeled off.
  17. Some spots or rashes can be noticed on the face or hands or any body part.
  18. Running nose.
  19. Tiredness.
  20. Sleepy all the time and especially at the time when Reiki hands on the body.
  21. Teary eyes.
  22. Pain in…
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