7 Miraculous Uses of Salt

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Salt is an important element of our lives. Its presence is not felt but when it is absent everything is tasteless. Also, it should always be in balance, neither less nor more. Salt has a miraculous character and can be used in a lot of ways.

1. House Cleansing

Salt can be used for house cleansing as it is very effective to absorb negative or lower energies of and from the house. Take some salt in your palm and draw CKR on it and pronounce the symbol name loudly. Intent that this salt will absorb any kind of negativity present in your house or any other space you want to do the cleansing of. Now sprinkle this salt at the front door of the house and bit of salt in other rooms. The next day mop the floor to remove the salt that has absorbed the negativity. This ritual can be followed once a week.

2. Aura cleansing

If you feel heaviness around you when you are coming back home or your child is nagging for no reason, it could be the reason of evil-eye. The evil eye is a common name we use for disturbance in our Aura. When aura gets affected we feel heaviness around us or feel irritated for no reason. To cleanse Aura take some salt in your palm, make a fist and rotate your fist three or seven times around your head (or affected person). Throw the salt in the basin and wash it off with water. The frequency of this method depends upon your calling i.e. you may use this method as and when required. Always wash your hands thoroughly once the ritual is done.

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7 Miraculous Uses of Salt

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3. In Healing Rituals

While performing healing rituals for self or others always keep some salt in a bowl near you. You can also make a circle by sprinkling salt around you. It will absorb the negativity and will keep the person safe who does the rituals.

4. Empower your food

While adding salt to your food draw CKR and SHK, say symbol names, and intent to remove any lower energies from food and empower it for you and your loved one’s highest good.

5. Saltwater bath

Add some salt to the water. Draw CKR and SHK on the solution and dissolve salt by revolving water making circles with your hands. Send reiki to water and intent that this solution cleanses, heal, and rejuvenate you when you bathe yourself with this water. Please avoid washing your hair with saltwater.

6. Protection

Salt can be used as a shield. You can use salt lamps, salt burners to protect your house, yourself from absorbing negativity. It creates a shield around hence the best method to protect your surroundings. You may also carry some salt wrapped in paper with you while going out.

7. Energize your crystals

Crystals can be energized by using salt. You need to bury crystals in dry salt completely followed by cleansing. Keep crystals in salt overnight for the process of energizing. Take out the crystals and dust off any extra salt attached and they are ready to use.

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