3 Practices to Transform Your Reiki into A Beacon of Light

It is not easy taking the initiative and allowing ourselves to become the Lightworkers we truly are. These challenging times are not here to just test our resolve. They are here to open us up to a new way of thinking and being that will take this planet through an evolutionary leap in terms of our global health, the way we interact with each other and our planetary spiritual blossoming.

It is often said that “everything happens for a reason”.

This commonly used phrase may seem flippant in the face of a global financial crisis and an immediate and very real threat to the lives of our loved ones. Some of us are already grieving great losses, and some of us are facing hardships and personal disaster that could never have been foreseen.

When life becomes turbulent, we fall back on familiar, old programming, habits and default settings to try to see things through. But with this particular crisis, have you noticed that your usual ways of dealing with things just aren’t working this time?

You’re not alone. We are ALL feeling strained and lost.
So what can we do?

Well, what is this situation asking of us? Is it telling us to ditch our healing modalities and spiritual practices? Is it demanding that we think commercially, greedily and selfishly? Absolutely not.

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It is asking us to share, to care and to step up and help.

How can our little ‘ole Reiki practice be of any use against such massive upheaval?

As a Lightworker, you are being called upon to think about yourself, Reiki and our combined vibrational network in a new way. It is asking us to be brave enough to spread that light not just privately, but for the whole world to see.

This is not easy to do. Lightworkers are often not comfortable with stepping forward and taking the lead. So here are some easy practices to help you get started in transforming your Reiki or healing modality into a beacon of light; a pathway for those that are lost and a safe harbor for those who are suffering on troubled waters.

3 Practices to Transform Your Reiki into A Beacon of Light

Practice One

Gaining the Confidence to be a Lighthouse to Others

No matter how confident you feel, our confidence can always do with a little tune-up. Before you can be a Lighthouse to others, it is vital that you believe in yourself and your abilities.

Remember, the Universe is one giant mirror reflecting back to you what you are vibrationally giving out. If you lack confidence in yourself the Universe will vibrationally reflect this back to you using people’s harsh words (“who does she/he think they are?”), a lack of clients or resources or any myriad of forms to remind you that without the inner work, your outer work will be in vain.

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Seven Actions You Can Take To Increase Your Confidence

  1. Pay attention to your dress. If like most of us, you’ve been stuck indoors for months it is too easy to slouch around all day in your pyjamas. Take some nice clothes out of the wardrobe, pay attention to your appearance, personal grooming and make-up. Even if no one else sees you that day,…

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