Release Your Fear: 10 Reiki Ways to Heal Kidneys

We humans are a reservoir of natural emotions. These emotions create a shift in our body energy field. When we are filled with pleasant feelings our body emanates happiness and we feel aligned with the Universe. This emotion of happiness and joy is a significant contributing factor towards good health.

On the other hand, the constant state of unpleasant emotions or thoughts create imbalances in our body energy system. Fear is one of the most powerful negative emotions that significantly create blockages in the human energy field.

The language between the mind and body is emotion. The emotion of the fear triggers that something is lacking love and in need of healing. The fear can be of any type – fear of change, fear of failure, fear of not feeling deserving, fear of uncertainty, or anything else.

Imbalances in the energy pathways due to the constant state of fear of any kind can lead to kidney issues of the person or improper kidney functioning or kidney stones.

The concept of ancient eastern medicine is based on the body meridian system where they believe that the emotion of fear gets stored in the kidneys and makes the kidney meridian unhealthy and imbalanced. This disturbance starts from the heart and comes down to the kidneys where it manifests as fear.

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Kidneys – the part of the human body system situated on either side of the spine just below the ribcage. In scientific expression, the kidneys are considered to be a major part of the human body that helps to remove body wastes and extra fluids.

Kidneys are believed to be ‘ministers of Power’ as they are considered to be the most vital organ of the human body as they store ‘the essence’. The essence in this context is the material essential to the physical self as well as essential to the higher self ‘Soul’.

The energetic expression of the kidneys are as follows:
The element – Water
Emotions – Fear and fright
Related chakras – The Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras

Release Your Fear: 10 Reiki Ways to Heal Kidneys

I would love to share my approach towards ‘The holistic way’ to heal the kidneys in 10 simple ways so we all are benefitted.

  1. Drink Reiki Water – The element associated with the kidneys is water. Drink Reiki water with the intention that ‘My kidneys are happy, healthy and nourished.’
  2. Solarised Reiki Water – It is based on the technique used by Ancient Indians and Egyptians. It is the technique of incorporating the healing properties of ‘Sun Rays’ in water; by keeping the Reiki Water in a glass container enclosed with a relevant colour filter in the sunlight for approximately 6-8 hours. Use the colour filter related to lower chakra colours and only one colour at a time for a few days. Orange colour filter is normally used, and red colour should be incorporated very sensibly. But do not overdo with any colour.
  3. Reiki the foot and toes – The kidney meridian source point is located at the base of the foot from where the ‘ki’ enters the kidney meridians….
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