Bless Your Food Every Time You Eat

One of the very basic yet very powerful practices that we learn in Reiki is to bless our food before eating.

There are many energy sensitive people like me who immediately can sense the energy of a place, person or even food. It has happened to me many times. Last year, I along with my family went for a weekend trip. We stayed in a comfortable hotel with four-star amenities. It was a beautiful stay. However, I could not enjoy the food in spite of their scrumptious buffet.

Does it sound familiar to you if I say, I feel some food don’t even have prana /chi /energy at all? They feel absolutely lifeless. I find no joy or energy while having them. I went inside to check the hotel’s kitchen and other food and beverage staffs and got to know they are working with very less manpower. Every person has to work with the capacity of two or more people. They are extremely tired and get very less sleep.

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We found small shack just next to our hotel where only an old man and his daughter were running the shack with very limited and basic food items. However, they used to prepare food on order. We ordered food and had it there during our entire stay. The food was very basic, very simple and extremely delicious. We all were overjoyed with the food. The energy of the food was so happy that we started feeling happy while having our food. The old man and his daughter run the small shack with love, care and compassion. They cook with love; they feel happy feeding people in exchange of very less money.

I have told this story with the believe that you may have experienced something similar while having your food at a restaurant or at someone’s home or even at your own home.

Why food at some place makes us happy and at some place makes us feel dull?

It’s not possible to track the entire supply chain of the food. Maybe the farmer who produced the food had been going through a tough time and was cursing while farming. It may also be possible that the person who was cooking was not in good health – might be tired, angry or upset over something. There are so many people in-between from the farmer to the cook. The food literally carries the energy picked up from any of them. Do we want to feed our mind, body and soul such food?

Bless Your Food Every Time You Eat

That’s where Reiki comes to help. It’s a common practice to bless the good in many cultures. The steps are very simple to bless the food before you eat.

  • Before you start eating, wash your hands
  • Draw the symbols you are attuned to on your palms
  • Call upon your deities/angels if you wish to
  • Express gratitude that you have the food to eat
  • Express gratitude to Reiki for blessing your food
  • Now keep your palms in cupped position above the food (without touching)
  • Give Reiki at least for 2/3 minutes or as long as you are guided
  • You can express your gratitude and have the food
  • Also, it’s much healthier to eat without distraction –…
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