Oracle Card Reading May 01 – 07, 2022

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

1. Balance

If you’ve been called by this card, you are probably struggling to find a good balance in your life. The secret is to seek balance within yourself first! Assess your life as it is now and make a conscious decision to become balanced in all aspects of your life. Use Reiki to balance your internal life force energy. Byosen scanning can assist you in finding any imbalances. Then send Reiki, especially to that area or energy centers corresponding to that area.

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2. Gratitude

If you want to get in touch with your soul and the Divine Universe, then gratitude is the gold key. Keep a Reiki Gratitude Journal. This practice can really help you experience profound inner transformation. Just before bed, write down the things you were grateful for that day and send Reiki to them.

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3. Listen

Practice listening, starting with your physical body. You can regularly practice Kenyoku Ho and allow yourself to feel gratitude for your body. Imagine love flowing in and out of your cells through your breath. In this space of oneness and healing, invite any parts of your body to express themselves as they feel the need to and to share messages or guidance.

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Reiki blessings!

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