Valentine’s Day: Using the Law of Attraction for Love

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times of the year. However, for some people, it can bring up negative emotions, like stress, pressure, depression, and a feeling of missing out on love.

Some of my readers have reached out to me for advice recently, expressing their concerns about Valentine’s Day and using the Law of Attraction for love.

So if this day is a difficult time for you right now and you’d like to be more positive, raise your vibration, and attract more love and happiness…

I’d like to share with you some tips on using the Law of Attraction for love that will hopefully help you this Valentine’s Day too.

5 Tips for Your Happiest Valentine’s Day Yet

1. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, but love isn’t a one day a year event!

Putting so much pressure into what you do for Valentine’s Day, what gift you give your partner, who you spend the day with…or without..isn’t what love is about.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about waiting for someone to make you feel loved. The perfect dinner, flowers, or even a ring, won’t change how you feel about yourself if you’re generally dissatisfied, unhappy, or hateful towards yourself. Valentine’s Day will simply be a small attempt to cover up the real issue – the work you need to do on loving you.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating you – whether or not you have a partner. It’s about using the Law of Attraction to love you! Give yourself the love you have always wanted and you will attract more love in return.

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2. Pay attention to the love around you.

When you feel like you’re missing out on love, become depressed, or generally feel like there is a lack of love in your life, you’re not using the Law of Attraction for love in a way that will work to bring you the love and happiness you desire.

When you focus on the negative feelings and the lack, you tell the Law of Attraction that there isn’t enough love in your life, which manifests as more feelings of not being loved.

Instead you should focus on all the love that is around you – whether it is from a friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or pet. Pay attention to the little gestures they do to let you know how much they appreciate and care for you.

Focus on all the signs of love that you see around you. Instead of getting depressed when you see couples holding hands or people getting married, choose instead to seem them as signs of the Universe showing you that love is on its way. Change how you see things around you and your life will change.

Let Valentine’s Day be your sign of all the love the Law of Attraction is bringing to you.

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3. Making self-love your priority is using the Law of Attraction for love to create fast results.

Whether you have a date on Valentine’s day or not, the greatest gift you can receive is the love you have for yourself.

Honor that love this Valentine’s Day!

Make sweet gestures towards yourself.

If you want flowers, buy yourself flowers. Not just any flowers. Buy the most perfect flowers to make your heart sing. Whether it’s one rose or 50 yellow daisies, you are worth it.

If you want chocolate, buy the most delicious chocolate and savor every morsel.

Prepare yourself the nicest, candlelit dinner. Eat the foods you enjoy the most. Spend your time with the most important person in your life – you!

Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy. Begin by making yourself happy. When you do, the Law of Attraction will bring you more love.

4. Change your perception.

You have control over how you view every event in your life. You decide how you will or will not allow them to impact you. When you choose to see things differently, your perception of them will change.

Change how you see events around you this Valentine’s day.

Choose how you want to perceive your relationship with your partner.

Choose how you want to see what happens Valentine’s night. Allow your time with your partner to be wonderful…or not. Allow your night alone to be a breath of fresh air where you get to pamper yourself and do whatever you want…or not.

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You can control whether you buy your partner the right gift by deciding to view your gift as the right gift. Eliminate any doubt or worry and choose to see that you have done the right thing. Success will follow.

Allow your partner to create the most romantic way to express his/her love towards you by deciding that you will allow yourself to view what he/she does as the most romantic gesture. Throw disappointment out the door and appreciate being romanced on Valentine’s Day.

No matter what you do, decide how you want to view your Valentine’s Day. Choose for it to be your happiest yet and it will be.

5. Let go of what you think Valentine’s Day should be.

Disregard what you think Valentine’s Day should be. Forget about what friends, family, the media, and the rest of society tells you it should be.

It’s just a story that you keep telling yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a…

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