Deprogramming Technique

Article by João Antão Marques

This technique enables us to “deprogram” the ways of seeing and think, the erroneous affirmations and false behaviors.

When using this technique you should explain clearly to the client what you are going to do and the affirmations you are going to use. We use an affirmative sentence, formulated in the present (for instance: “….(name of person), you are free from tobacco”). The affirmations can be worked together with the client to make sure that they correspond exactly to what he wants. Reiki cannot be, and should not be any taking of power towards the other, following our own desires.

Deprogramming Technique

The treatment is made with the patient seated.

  • Wash hands and take off jewelry, belts, shoes (both from therapist and client);
  • Center yourself on the heart for a few minutes;
  • Smooth the client’s Aura three times, from head to feet;
  • Place your hands on the client’s shoulders for a few minutes in order to establish contact;
  • Keeping one of your hands over the client’s shoulders, draw the CKR (repeat the name thrice) over the client’s occipital, and allow the Ki to flow for some minutes. At the same time visualize a golden, or white light, penetrating by the top of your head and filling all your body. Allow the energy to flow to the client through your hands (this procedure allows us to neutralize eventual blockages);
  • Draw the SHK over the client’s occipital (repeat its name thrice);
  • Draw the CKR over the client’s occipital and repeat its name thrice in order to fix;
  • Name mentally the client three times and contact his Superior Self, asking his authorization and intervention;
  • Place the palm of the hand, that was on the back of the head, over the forefront, with fingers over the skull and place the other hand over the occipital.
  • Visualize SHK (repeat its name thrice) between the skull and the hand and fix with the CKR (repeat its name thrice).
  • Pronounce, mentally, and for three times, the affirmation phrase;
  • Imagine that the Light circulates, through yourself, from the Crown chakra to the feet chakras;
  • Allow the energy to flow, through your hands, to the receptor. Visualize the newly required state;
  • Smooth again, and for three times, the client’s Aura from head to feet and implant the Hara energy to the Crown chakra;
  • Rub your hands to eliminate the od energies and send them, mentally, to the Light, to the earth or to the Violet Flame for transmutation;
  • Important – Wash, with water and soap, your hands and arms to the elbow after each treatment;
Deprogramming Technique

Image by diego_torres

Deprogramming Technique (the one I use)

As usual for any Reiki treatment:

  • The room is cleaned energetically;
  • You are protected and grounded;
  • Your hands are activated;
  • Your client is grounded;
  • Your invocations requesting authorization, help, and guidance, have been made.
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With the client seated in front of you.

  • Draw an SHK (repeat its name thrice) over the client’s crown chakra;
  • Express mentally an affirmative sentence.
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