Connecting With Roots For Emotional Support

No matter where we live, what we do, our age or preferences in life but there is one thing we do have in common as human beings are our emotions. Understanding emotions and what triggers them is the whole science which still has some kind of mystery around it. It’s a known fact that our emotional health affects our physical health and vice versa.

Even though understanding emotions may not be easy but applying certain things to uplift the mood, release tension or calm down the anger is available to everyone by using different methods.

One of the simplest and holistic ways in my opinion is using aromatherapy for emotional support. I often used to pick essential oil intuitively depending on my emotional state at that specific moment. And I always felt an emotional relief or energy boost. Then I noticed a pattern that essential oils have some common emotional benefits depending on the part of a plant they were extracted.

This literally opened a whole new perspective for me to understand them. Each part of the plant has its own story, energy and of course support for our emotional state.

As you may already know essential oils are extracted from different parts of the plants – roots, resins, seeds, barks, leaves and needles, flowers, grass, fruit peels. And all of it has its meaning.

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Roots of the plant are the base, they are under the ground, they absorb all the nutrients from the earth needed for the plant to grow and live. Essential oils that come from the roots are very grounding, strengthening and calming, they help us to unite with the Mather Earth, help us to calm down. They can give us the needed support, protection and strength when we feel anxious or fearful.

Essential oils that come from the roots are angelica root, ginger, vetiver, spikenard.

Sometimes I’m feeling detached from the earth, feeling stuck somewhere in between, then I really feel like I need this connection with the strongest and deepest part of myself, where I can take the power of growing personally or that missing strength for actions. I intuitively reach for one of these oils.

My favorite of all times is vetiver. Each time I smell it I can feel this freshness and strength of earthy scent that comes right after the rain. I immediately feel this strong connection with the Earth, emotional strength, grounding, balance and inner calmness.

One of my favorite ways to use it is like a perfume by mixing it with jojoba or sweet almond oil or just smell it directly from the bottle. I also often like to diffuse it on its own or sometimes in a combination with angelica, ginger and spikenard.

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