Connection with Your Guardian Angel

Article by Cristina Barcenilla

Your Guardian Angel is a light being who has accompanied you since always. He is who has cared for you along your lives. You can feel it on your left or behind you and also has an awesome light who lights your hearts and increases your consciousness. To realize about him, you should realize about your personal likes, your preferences… he vibrates with your favourite flowers or your perfume. He will manifest in dangerous situations, indecisions, and anxieties. He brings you his unconditional love and evolves with you.

Here it is a meditation to connect to him

• Sit down, or lay down comfortably, close your eyes and start relaxing, and feels how you are in peace with yourself.
• Inhale deeply a bright white golden light that comes from your crown, inhale and exhale deeply and feel how you are relaxing.
• Every time you inhale and exhale the bright golden light, you are feeling how you are being surrounded by a cocoon of light, that makes you feel loved, cherished, and a special being.
• You can feel how you are entering in a white quartz space, how all is surrounded by white quartzes. It is a temple of light where you can feel the Divinity. Feel the energy of the white quartz, feel how you are protected, illuminated… feel how you are being purified from any discomfort and how you feel lighter.

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Connection with Your Guardian Angel• In front of you, there is a crystal rose of white transparent light that is rounding clockwise. Feel how the crystal rose is getting brighter and brighter. A sparkle of white golden light emerges from the rose and comes directly to your heart. You merge with the rose being one, feel its energy, feels how it releases from any emotional karma and you feel lighter.
• Now you are in your heart, feel the peace, and feel how the light energy expands every time your heart beats. Imagine the rose becomes in a shuttle that sends to the cosmos. Look at the stars, each of them is a light angel, feel their love, their light energy that blesses you.
• One of them is your Guardian Angel, you will recognize him, you will feel attracted by his white golden energy, and you will feel how your Guardian Angel emerges sparkles of white golden light that surrounds you and that fuses with him.
• Now you can have a conversation with your Guardian Angel, express him your feelings, your worries, thank him for his help, ask him whatever your heart feels, from the bottom of your heart.
• Feel the hug of your Angel and be sure that it will be given whatever you have asked him for your highest good. Thank for his presence, for guiding you always in your life path.
• Merge again with the light rose, irradiating love, peace, plenitude. You can feel your body purified and breathing deeply you can open your eyes.

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Love and light

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Cristina Barcenilla
Cristina Barcenilla

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