Creative Ways to Use the Zibu Symbol of Healing

Zibu Symbols are Angelic Symbols Channeled through Debbie Almstedt by the Angelic Realm. These symbols work miraculously and almost instantaneously in all spheres of life.

Once we have successfully released our pains or energetic debris with the Zibu Symbol of Release (Rakuna), we can ask our angels to assist in the healing process with the Angelic Symbol for Healing (Akashawa) (pronounced as Ah-Kaah- Sha- Waah). As mentioned earlier, you need not know Reiki or any other healing modality for these to work. Just a pure heart and intent is the biggest tool you can have!

Just releasing toxins and burdens is not enough, we need to also heal these blank spaces left in us after release and fill them with love and light. We can call upon our angels and request them to do this for us. Healing is essential for moving ahead and starting afresh.

Akashawa is usually associated with the colour blue and can be drawn in the air, visualized in your mind’s eye, or drawn on paper and placed.

12 creative ways of using the Zibu Symbol of Healing – Akashawa

Creative ways to use the Zibu Symbol of Healing


  1. Food and drink: We can fill our food and drink with Angelic love and light by using the Akashawa symbol. Draw it over all your food and drink and request angels to fill it with their love and light for all those who consume these, while chanting Akashawa.
  2. Fever, cold cough: You can use this Angelic Zibu symbol over the ill persons’ throat, heart and solar plexus chakras while chanting Akashawa to ease them of their flu, cold and cough. This is not to say that one must ignore medication, you can use these along with medication so as to amplify and enhance the healing process.
  3. Medicines: You can even draw the release symbol and the healing symbol on all your medicines requesting the angels to release dense energy and toxins from them and fill it with their love and light for all those who may consume them while chanting Akashawa.
  4. To heal pets: You can use these symbols to energetically heal your pets by seeking angelic assistance. You can also fill your pet’s food with the light from these symbols and request your angels to fill them up with healing and light for your pet’s highest good while chanting the symbol’s name.
  5. Plants: You can draw this symbol several times over plants and request nature angels and fairies to heal your ailing plants and keep them happy and upbeat. You can also take/make a laminated print out of this and place it under the pots of your plants to keep the energy from this symbol flowing continuously.
    Creative ways to use the Zibu Symbol of Healing

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  6. Rooms: Certain areas of your home may feel dense or dull due to many reasons – maybe you’ve had too many guests over, maybe there has been a fight in the room, or may be any other reason; you can draw this symbol in the air a few times while reciting Akashawa and request your angels to heal and uplift the energy of your room/home/office. You can also combine it with the release symbol and then follow it up with the…
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