How Your Point of View Creates Your Reality…and How to Fix It

Today, I’m exploring a reader’s question that involves how you create your reality based on your point of view.

Specifically, it focuses on what to do when your family isn’t using the Law of Attraction properly and how this affects your ability to create with them.

It’s a question that touches on advanced Law of Attraction principles…and requires a totally different way of looking at the world – a different state of being.

But it’s one that can create magic in your life.

“Living in a family is both beautiful and difficult. Beautiful, because those are the people you love the most. Difficult, because you can merely escape. What if you’re living with your family together, and one of them is … doing [really well with] manifesting. He believes and feels in what he wants, so he is in that kind of state where he is almost getting what he wants, but the others aren’t the same. They talk about what they want in [the] form of longings. They don’t embody their wish, their higher being. So, what could he do, when the others are talking about their longings or their desperate “current” situation. While he is living in [a] total[ly] different state of mind? Should he correct the others, in order to make them focused on the better reality? Or should he ignore their talking and just accept it as it is?

And this would be [a] follow-up question. When all members of a family fairly want the same thing(s) could it be, that the negative Energy of two of them neutralizes the positive Energy of the single one? Or is it unimportant what the others are doing, because their Energy can’t influence your reality, as your thoughts create?”

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– For the Love of Family

These are very good questions, but the answer isn’t as simple as you might think. It involves a higher level understanding of the Law of Attraction and the principles of manifesting.

At the basis is the concept that you create your reality – every aspect of it.

But let’s expand on the concept “you create your reality.” Because what is actually meant by “you create your reality” is that it’s your point of view that creates your reality.

Your point of view that your family is not using the Law of Attraction properly is creating your reality; it is creating your experience of their energy being negative and having the potential to negate your positive energy.

It is your point of view that is creating a reality where they talk about what they want in the form of longings.

It is your point of view that they are not embodying their wish.

It is your point of view that they are talking about their desperate current situation while you are living in a totally different state of mind.

Your reality is not creating your point of view.

What does this mean?

It means that if you change your point of view, your reality will change.

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If you stop judging what your family says or does as being wrong or being not as good as what you’re doing, then you would create an opportunity for their behavior to change, and thus what you experience could change as well.

But so long as you continue to judge that what they are doing as being wrong, you will see it as being wrong.

What if the reality that they are creating is the right reality for them? What if, deep down, they really don’t want things to change and thus their situation isn’t desperate but, in actuality, is the situation that they want to create? What if they say they want something, but they really don’t? What if they benefit from their negative energy…even if you don’t know what that benefit is?

Could you release your judgment of them? Could you let go of your point of view that what they are doing is wrong? If so, let it all go.

Because what if you changed your point of view of them and your reality changed accordingly?

What if you saw your family getting what they want?

What if you saw your family embodying their wish?

What if you saw your family’s energy as being positive?

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What if you stopped judging them or trying to prove that your way is right or better, and in doing so, you allowed yourself to receive a difference experience with your family?

What are You Receiving?

Based on your questions, you’re currently not allowing yourself to receive much in your experience with your family. You certainly aren’t receiving the experience you want to have or you wouldn’t have asked your questions.

Your judgment of your family is dedicated to the total exclusion of the reality you actually want to have. Since you create what you focus on, focusing on how their behavior isn’t right or isn’t the same as yours is simply creating more experiences where you see and hear them doing things that you don’t think are right. You’re creating a reality that is devoted to the exclusion of the positive experiences you want to have with your family.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can receive anything you want. ANYTHING! You just have to choose to receive it.

And right…

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