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Dating A Pharmacist – Do You Make a Good Couple?

Are pharmacists hot and lovely? When a reader asked this question some time ago, he had fallen into the love web of a pharmacist he had met. But he was now skeptical as to whether to go ahead and propose or not. For the benefit of that reader, and the many others out there who are in doubt whether a pharmacist can be a better partner, I have decided to write on “reasons for dating a pharmacist.”

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Aside from dispensing drugs to care for your health, pharmacists can also take good care of your heart. You can consider the following points to date a pharmacist.

1. Health is their Concern

Well being is your partner’s number one priority. Your partner would make sure you don’t fall sick. And, even if it happens, he/she will give you quality drugs to heal you faster. They know where to get the best drugs when necessary. So, tell me, who doesn’t want a partner who would take charge of their health needs?

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2. Dating a Pharmacist – Good Listeners

For best practices, you would have to go to the pharmacy with a prescription form, for easiily getting medicines. But in case of emergency, the pharmacist will be ever ready to help. They know how it feels to be sick. So, they patiently listen to your symptoms to prescribe the right medication. Thus, it is always good to have a partner who is a good listener. He/she would listen to you when you have concerns.

3. Caring

You will experience first-class treatment and care when you are dating a pharmacist. Aside from taking care of your health needs, pharmacists have a lot in stock for you. He or she would care for your needs, be there for you, and show lots of love towards you. Pampering would be an understatement when you date a pharmacist.

4. Great Decision Makers

Pharmacists can advise their clients on how to take their prescriptions. They do so passionately because they know that noncompliance can worsen your illness. Aside from being good advisors, they are great decision-makers. They can make prompt decisions when needed.

In case you visit the pharmacy during an emergency, they will have to decide whether to give you an injection or prescribe medicines. By having a good advisor and great decision-maker as a partner, they can help in your personal development.

5. Strong Interpersonal Skills

Communicating with a sick person can be very difficult. They are weak and can hardly communicate effectively. So one needs to have great interpersonal skills to relate to them. However, the pharmacist can talk to them to get all the needed information for a better prescription. They employ both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication when needed. So, a partner with strong interpersonal skills would know how to relate to you. Their communication skills can help improve the relationship. But, you already know the importance of communication right!

6. They Earn Good Salaries

There have been arguments about the importance of money in marriage and relationship. Undoubtedly, love comes first, but the importance of being financially sound can never be underrated.

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Pharmacists earn good salaries so you wouldn’t be the only spender in the relationship. But, he or she can help in paying off bills and assist you in other forms. So aside from that, they have job security.

7. Dating a Pharmacist Means Ambition

They strive for the best and work towards it. Being in school wasn’t easy, but with dedication and commitment, they sailed out successfully.

When they can translate this ambition into their personal lives and relationship, then your partner can help you revive your ambitions for your benefits.

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