Different Points of View in Reiki

Unfortunately, in my home country, many issues have become politicized, even the coronavirus pandemic. The recommendation to wear a face mask, to protect others and yourself, may be determined by whether you believe the scientists or certain governmental officials. People seek guidance from experts in many fields.

A similar dynamic can happen in the Reiki field, as well as other energy healing modalities. Frequently, a Reiki client or student will tell me that a previous Reiki practitioner told them the opposite of something I’d just said. Sometimes, they seem dismayed that two “experts” can have a differing point of view.

Here are a few examples from my own practice

  • A Reiki client asked me if she should abstain from coffee or other caffeine drinks at least 24 hours before a session, as her previous practitioner had that stipulation.
  • A Reiki student challenged my belief that we must be careful not to promise a physical cure, for any condition.
  • I’ve also been confronted with specific Scriptural quotes and other religious beliefs that seem to discredit Reiki healings.
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Different Points of View in Reiki

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The longer we practice Reiki and the more clients and students we experience, we should expect these kinds of questions and comments. The positive side is there is no one dogmatic version of Reiki. Reiki is a practice that evolves in many ways, in many different cultures, with tens of thousands of practitioners. Each of us will share our personal experiences with Reiki – both as a giver and a receiver. This means, there are many questions with no one “right” answer, or “wrong” answer.

You can begin your answer with a phrase such as, “my experience has been….,” or “I was taught to do it this way….,” or, “that is an interesting way to look at that, let me think some more about it….” This last option has several advantages – you can review your manuals, online sources, or contact your Reiki Master, before you give a reply to a client. If you choose this option, please be sure to get back to your client or student, whether it is later in the day, or a few days later.

It has been my experience that many of these small details will not make a difference. In other words, Reiki energies will be effective – whether or not a client had coffee during breakfast, or his belief is not the same as yours. Reiki has a Divine Wisdom that is greater than any kind of restriction we may think is important.

Also, the intention of the Reiki practitioner is a vitally important aspect of all Reiki practice. This personal intention can have a significant impact – although the Divine Source knows best what the receiver truly needs. The best intention may be that the healing energies go to the highest good of the client.

Let us not forget that through our own journeys of Reiki healing we have grown in our own authentic wisdom and power….

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