Are Reiki Symbols Necessary To Use?

Recently, I came across a person who asked me if the Reiki symbols are absolutely necessary to be used during our practice. I sat in introspection and what I felt is what I wish to share with the world.

Reiki is a subtle and fascinating form of experiencing our energies or life forces. It is always on the flow but once we are attuned to it, we get to access it in a more lucid form. For this energy to flow in a magnificent way, we may attribute it to the Reiki symbols.

Traditionally, the symbols were kept as a secret and were passed on in privacy to maintain certain sanctity. In modern times though, the symbols have become much more accessible to everyone. The symbols are only introduced to us during our level two attunement which empowers us to give Reiki to others either physically placing our hands or even across distance.

Are Reiki Symbols Necessary To Use?

We majorly work with the four symbols in Reiki:

  1. Cho-Ku-Rei or the Power symbol
  2. Sei-He-Ki or the Harmony symbol
  3. Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen or the Distance symbol
  4. Dai-Ko-Myo or the Master symbol

These symbols have been used across generations by an umpteen number of practitioners and as a result, these symbols hold within themselves enormous power and uttering these sounds or even drawing this symbol raises the vibrations of the practitioner and also the surroundings. It helps us to connect to our highest source in the shortest of time lapse.

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Reiki always works for our highest good. Whether we realize that or not it is always working for the greatest good and the usage of the symbols during our practice more than being “requisites”, can be better termed as “facilitators”. We have the flexibility to use all the symbols in every way that enhances our practice. We can draw it on paper/ in the air; can use various colors can imagine it as 2D/3D: whichever way we feel connected.

Now if we don’t feel like using it, then what?

It still works no matter what. A time comes for intense practitioners that they start living the symbols. The powerful universal energy just radiates through them. They do not need to willfully try and radiate but they themselves become the Universal Energy. Till then, the best way is to just listen to your intuitions and for a beginner perhaps the best way is to follow your guide, who attuned you and live by the prescribed rituals to start with.

Article by Debashree Bandyopadhyay

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Debashree Bandyopadhyay is a Holistic Image Consultant and helps people with their confidence and body positivity. She is a Master level Reiki Practitioner and practices mantra-meditation and vibration meditations. She is also a yoga enthusiast and particularly takes interest in practicing an yogic lifestyle. She is a practitioner of yogic beauty rituals. You can connect to her at

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