Discovering What You Want to Manifest

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Words are powerful things.

A single spoken word can create – drawing to you the very thing you want…or don’t want.

Put enough thought and feeling behind that word, and the results can be magical.

And if you find yourself unsure of what you want to manifest. Be careful that you don’t use that same power to create more uncertainty…or to hide your true desires.

Are you manifesting the feeling of “I don’t know”?

Do you find yourself saying you don’t know what you want to eat? You don’t know what to wear? Or do you simply say, “I don’t know,” and leave it at that?

Well, guess what…

…every time you say, “I don’t know,” you’re creating a world in which you don’t know.

It doesn’t matter how irrelevant the words “I don’t know” may seem – “I don’t know what to eat.” “I don’t know where my keys are.” Your words are creating.

If you say you don’t know for the day-to-day things in life, you could find yourself saying you don’t know what you want when you try to manifest your desires…making it difficult for you to manifest anything at all.

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The truth is that you do know what you want. You know it to the very fiber of your being. You know it now. You’re just not willing to admit it!

“There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.” – Soren Kierkegaard

You see, the thoughts and desires you push aside because you think, “That’s not possible,” or “It’ll never happen to me” – those are the very things that you want and should be manifesting.

Each time they come to you, they’re messages from the Universe that this is the path that your life should take. They’re there to tell you that the world is full of abundant riches and you can have it all.

So go after what you want!

Just remember, if you don’t want the yacht, and all you want is to pay your bills, that’s okay. And if you want the yacht, that’s okay too. Even if all you want is peace of mind, that’s okay.

Just don’t deny that you do know what you want.

What do you want to manifest?

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