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“Moldavite -The transformative Tektite”

Hi and welcome to Wicca Now. As you may already know, Wicca Now is a site where Amaria and I write about all things Witchcraft, Wicca and Magick. Lately, we’ve been covering a lot of crystal related topics, like this post on crystal witchcraft, this guide to crystal correspondences or this article on Aquamarine. Today I thought we’d focus on another beautiful crystal, namely moldavite.

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About Moldavite

Moldavite is a fascinating form of natural glass which was once thought to be of extraterrestrial origin. Today we know that moldavite is a form of tektite. Tektite is a natural glass formed when terrestrial stones are pulverised through the high-energy impact of a meteorite. Moldavite is named after the River Moldau where it was first found and is prized by mineral collectors. Its colour can range anywhere from bottle green to brownish green. It can be almost transparent or quite opaque. It has a shiny lustre and a rough surface texture.

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Meaning and Benefits

Because of the dramatic way in which it came into being, moldavite is thought to help us to tap into cosmic energies. As such it is also a useful tool for meditation, astral work or divination.

  • Boosts the power of spells
  • Enhances divination
  • Aids psychic work
  • Purifies
  • Aids in the letting go of attachements
  • Supports the examining of beliefs and conditioned patterns of thought
  • Assists in connecting with higher-dimensional beings
  • Helps to bring a deep spiritual connection to all aspects concerning awakening and healing

Elemental Correspondences

Moldavite is associated with the elements air and fire.

Astrological Influences

Moldavite is not associated with any particular planets or zodiac signs as it is considered a product of the skies themselves and therefore universal in terms of its correpondences.

Moldavite Tips

  • Moldavite is a powerful energy amplifier and some people even feel a little dizzy when they hold a piece of it in their hands. Make sure that your moldavite is cleansed and charged before working with it in any rituals or spellwork.
  • To purify a space or any tools before a ritual, take a piece of moldavite and pass it over the selected tools. Hold it in your hands and walk through your sacred space making sure to pass the tektite (moldavite)across all window and door frames.
  • To find insight into your own conditioned ways of thinking, hold a piece of moldavite while you meditate and allow it to guide your meditation. Sleep with it under your pillow to further assist your insights. (make sure you keep your Book of Shadows on your bedside table so that you can note any insights gained when you awaken). Some people are prone to suffering from nightmares if they sleep with moldavite underneath their pillow so take note of how you feel and remove it if you feel like it is negatively affecting your sleep.
  • As this is one of the most high-frequency ‘crystals’ found on the planet, make sure that you are well-grounded and feeling focused when working with moldavite.
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Lovelies, I hope this post has inspired you to give moldavite a try. As always, Blessed

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