Dissolving into an Act

Article by Maria Mison

In mystical texts, veils, the illusion of duality, separation and so forth are often alluded to in various metaphors and teachings. One of the practical ways you can directly observe them is through analysing language. Compare the following statements:

I am doing a dance.
I am dancing.
I am dance.

Not only is “I” and dance physically closer to “dance” in the last statement, it’s assumed that the object and the subject are, and have become equivalent. In the first statement, an action, the verb ‘doing’, separates the subject and the object. In the second statement, the verb is absorbed into the object but is still seen as separate from the subject.

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In the first statement, this separation is erased. The object becomes subject. This kind of speech is not so foreign, you can observe this language and mindset in top performing athletes, gurus and even musicians.

Become, the ball.”
“I got lost into the bassline.”
“I am sound.”

The sense of self and ego expands to occupy a ‘separate’ object matter, making the subject and object the same thing. This is a very powerful and expansive feeling and something that often precludes mastery. Other books might call this a state of ‘flow’ or ‘alignment’. I can personally testify how powerful of a breakthrough this change of language can be in dissolving into a subject or an “Act”.

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If applied to Reiki healing one can have statements like:

I am performing a Reiki healing
I am channeling healing grace
I am doing Reiki

Reiki, which can be translated into divine energy, can shift statements from:

I am Reiki-ing
I am loving
I am being
I am (love)

To whatever attributions you have with the divine, and what you personally ascribe Reiki to be. You say, state and genuinely believe and experience yourself to be that and be dissolved into an act. Thinking of it this way has helped me to ‘let go’ and become a greater channel, become “more” than myself or beyond the ‘self’ when I am channeling Reiki. I hope this helps you too.

P.S. They say when one dissolves into everything, you are left with the ever elusive.“I am”

Just food for thought.
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Maria Mison

Maria Mison

Maria Mison is a shaman and a dreamwalker from the Philippines; Reiki level two, and Seraphim Blueprint level four practitioner.
By day she is as a healing plant and mushroom lady at https://instagram.com/foursigmatic.ph/, an urban poverty fighter, and a dancer. Newbie tarot reader, all-around Lover. You can find her in wanwuspiritlibrary.com where she blogs about life and likes talking to literally everyone on the interwebs.