Abscess Healed through 1st Reiki Level

Article by Kala Bashini

In my journey of life, ever since I was a Reiki beginner, I use to apply Reiki on a day to day basis be it physically or mentally. I appreciate and I admire the divine healing essence of energy which is actually invisible to the naked eye but the energy could be felt while performing healing and this is inexplicable.

My Reiki journey of practice had started with my family and friends in person and in distance too. Mostly the healing was more of a learning experience. One such experience I recollect is to a known person whose name is refrained from sharing so I name him Prakash.

Prakash was suffering from fever and he felt a kind of discomfort in his sitting posture where there was an abscess which was the root cause of the fever. As he was busy and could not find time to visit a doctor, he asked me to experiment Reiki on him. I took it up as a duty to serve him and to heal for his highest good.

Abscess Healed through 1st Reiki Level

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Treatment Procedure:

  • I invoked prayer to Master Mikao Usui, Ascended Masters, Holy Angels, and Guru to send the healing light to help, heal, protect and shield me and my client.
  • I also requested to send healing light to cleanse his whole body as I was combing and sweeping his front and back aura.
  • Then I cleansed each and every chakra by drawing dirty diseased energy anticlockwise and flipping it in the Agnipa to disintegrate the energy.
  • Before applying symbols I drew a big Hosanna symbol above his entire body to absorb negative energy.
  • Next, I applied HSZSN+CKR+SHK+Zonar symbols on the Ajna chakra.
  • Then Rama, Harth and Shanti on his Heart chakra too. I continued with the same symbols at the back Ajna chakra and projected more on to the area of the abscess.
  • Finally sealed with Udreka symbol.
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This treatment was scheduled for 2 days. On the second day with the continued healing, the abscess broke by pushing the puss out and without his knowledge, he left to the office the next day as usual, until and unless it was noticed by the people at home.

Well, I was rewarded by him and this further encouraged me to do Masters in Reiki.

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Kala Bashini.K.

Kala Bashini.K.

Kala Bashini is a Reiki and an Arhatic Pranic Healing Practitioner. She is into counseling and also she learned many healing modalities like Divine Guidance (how to connect with God and Devas) Acupressure, Mantra chanting, Mudras, Switchwords, Energy circles, Colour Therapy, various kinds of meditation on healing. Kala Bashini can be reach on bashu_kala@yahoo.co.in

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