Opening Third Eye or Ajna Chakra With Aromatherapy Blend

Third Eye Chakra, also known as Ajna chakra, is a center of our inner wisdom, center of our knowledge, ability to see far beyond the physical realm, our intuition.

This chakra mainly develops only through meditation, however we can enhance it, and facilitate the opening of the Third Eye chakra by using certain essential oils. Essential oils that are associated with Ajna chakra are: lauris, helichrysum, basil, thyme, angelica, juniper, elemi, frankincense, clary sage, patchouli and rosemary. Patchouli is mainly associated with our lower chakras, but here we can use patchouli in cases when person is living in a dream, in illusion, and we want to bring the energy back to the reality and to the present moment.

To make a blend you will need to have an empty glass roller ball bottle, unscented carrier oil, essential oils of your choice, and your intention. Most of the time I use my intuition when picking my oils (so far it didn’t lie). Today I stopped my choice on thyme, rosemary, angelica and helichrysum.

Thyme has the ability to boost the concentration and to open the energy flow in Third Eye chakra. 

Rosemary is the strongest psychic essential oils, is very protective from the energetic perspective, helps to connect us to the higher realms, and facilitates in developing psychic abilities.

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Angelica is helpful for connecting with the higher consciousness, with the Universe, helps to connect with our spirit guides and helps to develop psychic abilities.

Helichrysum is very balancing, opening, clearing and cleansing from the energetic perspective, helps to balance the energy flow.

Third Eye/Ajna balancing blend:

  • Rosemary – 2 drops
  • Thyme – 2 drops
  • Angelica – 1 drop
  • Helichrysum – 2 drops
  • Fill with carrier oil

Tip for choosing essential oil: you can put bottles together and smell them to see how the aromas are working together, in that way you can see which aroma is dominating and which one should be used in less amount. Also for the energetic perspective you don’t need to use a lot of essential oils, just a few drops will be enough.

Use it during meditation, or each time when you need to be back to the present moment, or connect with your inner wisdom and inner knowledge.

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