Do Essential Oils Really Work On Our Emotions?

Do essential oils really work on our emotions? The answer here is YES and NO. Sounds confusing, isn’t it? Let me explain.

Whenever we experience certain emotions which are kinda on a surface, the ones that come and go, for example, feeling stressed our or burned out, having emotional tension, emotional overwhelm, experiencing irritability or mood swings, feeling tired, feeling sad, feeling anxious at some situations, feeling randomly anger, or in general we feel like we need to be more calm, more grounding, diffusing essential oils around the house or inhaling them directly is very helpful and the results can be pretty fast.

But what about deeper emotions? What about feeling really depressed, or still can’t overcome the grief process, feel a lot of deeper inner unsatisfaction in our life, what if we experience self hate, self-doubt, self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance, low self-esteem issues, we hold deep inside of us anger, resentment, that’s when simply using aromatherapy may not be as effective, may not bring expected results and may get us questioning if it really works.

That is the time when we need to make this extra step to really address the whole issue, to go deeper, maybe into our subconscious mind, to find the main issue that’s causing us to feel certain way on a first place. That’s when we really may need to dig deeper and release these negative emotions, replace them with positive ones like forgiveness, gratitude, love.

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There are many different techniques and modalities to work on releasing negative emotions and working on our belief system (a lot of the time certain emotions can be a product of our deeply rooted beliefs). These are EFT tapping, affirmations, journaling, practicing gratitude, practicing forgiveness, inner child work, different types of inner works, belief work, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, sound therapy, you can also combine it with color or crystal therapy. All of them are beautiful and can provide incredible results.

Now you may be wondering, do you really need using essential oils if these modalities are already very promising and effective? Again the answer is YES and NO. Technically you don’t need to use oils because these techniques are already powerful.

But why I personally love using aromatherapy here is because on a first place to diffuse specific essential oils in a room helps to prepare our conscious and subconscious mind, as well as prepare us emotionally for the practice. They create the sense of calmness and relaxation which is very helpful to start any kind of inner work.

In order to release these deep negative emotions we start diving deep into the root cause of it, into our subconscious mind. And when we reach the main issue that’s when things become very uncomfortable and often emotional. The whole process of releasing negative emotions is quite painful, not physically but emotionally painful. And that’s…

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