Healing Pets with Reiki

Article by Bala Pasumarthy 

Hello divine souls,

I would like to share my experience with Reiki and how I use it to heal my pets.

From the age of five, I have been attached to cats. I have raised and cared for over 100 cats, a pup for 6 months and guinea pigs for 6 years. Many cats have delivered their litter in a cupboard in my kitchen. They come in and request a place for delivery. And after 5 months, the mother cat leaves her litter at our place and I take over the duty to care for them there onwards. They know very well that I would love the kittens and care for them.

Animals are divine, and we can feel their love when we spend time with them be it a cat, dog, goat or a cow. We all know the divine spirit of the wolf and the love in its eyes.

I channelled Reiki healing for my cat once when he came home with few wounds on his leg and was unable to walk properly. He refused to eat and was crying in pain.

  • I first used distant healing symbol on him and cleansed his aura. He recognised the flow of energy and it calmed him down and he lay quiet allowing himself to be soaked in the energy he was receiving.
  • After cleansing his aura, I drew Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki, Zonar, Halu, Hosanna and Kriya on his Root Chakra and Ajna Chakra.
  • I used Cho-Ku-Rei on all his chakras to release blocks and sent some healing to his wounded leg too.
  • Finally, I used Raku symbol, drew Cho-Ku-Rei to shield him and cut cords after which he quietly slept for some time and had his food.
Healing Pets with Reiki

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I channelled healing for the next three days and used symbols on his food too. Once recovered, he began to walk and play normally. I have channelled healing for five cats the same way. Now, I begin to receive signals from them, requesting me for Reiki whenever they feel sick.

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Giving healing to your pets is a great way to bond with them. You can increase the bond you share with your pet and raise the level of trust they have in you. It’s truly a divine experience to watch them grow closer to you with a heightened sense of recognition of energy flowing to them, increasing their awareness to the flow of positive energy.

In my next article, I will touch upon the chakras of animals and how you can heal them and increase the bond you share with them.

Truly grateful to God and the Universe for choosing me as a channel for the flow of divine healing energy.

Divine blessings to all.

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Bala Pasumarthy

Bala Pasumarthy

Mrs. Bala is a Traditional Usui Reiki Grandmaster and Practitioner of Karuna Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Money Reiki and as well as other modalities of healing. She loves channelling for animals and Mother Nature. Bala can be reached by her mail balapasumarthy@gmail.com

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