Effective Reiki Healing for Children

Article by Vrunda Moghe Dev

While sending Reiki healing to adults, the experience of the healer is quite different. Many ask for this form of healing on somebody’s recommendation and a few of them are skeptical about its efficacy. This, at times comes in the way of a smooth pathway for the Reiki waves to reach the receiver. With children, however, I have found very encouraging results as they are more open.

One of my students who had completed Level 1 of Usui Reiki asked me if she could regularly give Reiki to her 10 year old son even though there were no problems with his health-mental or physical. After my consent, she gave him a ten minute session each day. The boy, who was a bit of loner and spoke less but was content with his toys and just a couple of friends, began to ask for more time of Reiki after his playtime in the evening. There was a noticeable change. He made more friends as also won several prizes in elocution competitions in his school.

My observation after this was, today kids knowingly or unknowingly suffer from peer pressure and many other compulsions and somewhere their Throat chakra gets affected and they are not able to express what they already know. Children who receive Reiki assimilate the benefits and know what is good for them and ask for it. For hyper-active children too it proved beneficial.

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Effective Reiki Healing for Children

Similar examples could be cited in my practice of over a decade. Children with an aptitude for sports could actually make a choice of what they wanted to pursue rather than go with the popular games.

According to me, Reiki should be given on the lower chakras viz- Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras first. Then, the Throat chakra can be healed. When the former three vortexes align, a child’s self esteem improves and a sense of security surfaces. Then all chakras can be balanced. This may sound like a deviation from the routine practice but one forms a module of action with experience.

Even an infant can be administered this gentle healing by putting one’s hands on the back (Heart Chakra). If a child is undergoing some medical treatment, Reiki can be given to complementing the treatment. Children like the touch of hands of mothers or any healer and hence receive even the basic Reiki well. Distance Reiki symbols are equally useful but in this piece, I have chosen to talk about ’touch Reiki’ as it is commonly called.

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Vrunda Moghe Dev

Vrunda Moghe Dev

Vrunda Moghe Dev is a Mumbai-based writer and journalist of over two decades. She has been a Reiki teacher and healer for 15 years.

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