Reiki: It’s not Magic, It’s Science!


It’s a word for energy that we all wish we had more of. In today’s world, we spend most of our lives rushing around without stopping to take a breather. We try dieting, exercise, meditation, drink lots of coffee and even sodas or energy drinks just to get our vital energy up so we can face every new day. Many of us often end up suffering from various forms of mental health issues as a result of depleted life force energy. Taking time to de-stress helps to improve our depleted vital life force energy.

When none of our efforts to increase our energy or our vitality are successful, it’s time to look beyond the conventional methods of self-treatment. It’s time take a look at how energy medicine or Reiki can help to restore the vital life force energy. It’s time to look a little deeper and figure out where our energy is being drained. Finding the source of the drain requires a bit of self-reflection. Or not. Maybe you know what it is draining your energy. Maybe you suspect a specific occurrence (work) or relation (family) is what is causing that drain, yet you’re not able to remedy it by just cutting it out of your life.

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Energy medicine practices like Reiki, work with the chakra energy centers of the body which play a big role in helping us to restore vitality. We become so accustomed to running on empty that we often don’t even notice our depleted vitality until we feel the fatigue and discontent with our overall physical and mental health.

Our vitality is linked directly to the endocrine system which is directly linked to the energy body. Our physical energy levels are also directly connected to our mental health. Ever notice how some days you are ready to conquer the world, and other days you just want to crawl back into bed and shut out the same world you wanted to conquer yesterday? Did you notice your mental health that day? Did you notice that even though you knew you had a long list of things to do, your emotional health was pulling you back into bed or back to the couch? Have you ever asked yourself why emotional or mental health days seem to be more of a recurring event in our society?

The energy work performed during a Reiki session specifically assists in the balancing the chakra energy centers and is a great way to bring that desired vitality back into our lives by balancing our physical and mental energies. To express briefly, our chakra energy centers are all connected to each other and function together from the bottom up. When we feel stable (root), we are able to create (sacral); when we can create, we feel confident (solar plexus); when we are confident, love and harmony flow easily in our lives (heart); when we let love flow, we can communicate and express easily (throat); when our communication flows easily, our intuition is clear (third eye); and when our intuition is clear, we feel more divinely connected (crown).

Reiki: It’s not Magic, It’s Science!
Chakras and the Endocrine System

As you can see, when the…

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