Emotional Wound Healing with the 3 R’s

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I am back after a very long time.

This time I thought of writing on a combination of two crystals that I have used during trying times. The crystals were Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite.


Rhodonite is known for its capability to bring emotional healing and release blocked energies from within the Heart chakra. It works wonderfully not only on our Heart chakra but also on the upper and lower Heart chakras. It has heart-based energy with a beautiful healing vibration. It helps to bring peace to troubled relationships by its action to stimulate acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love towards others. The peace and healing may also be in the form of partners deciding to part ways, as they are no longer emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually contributing to each other.

There are times in a relationship when we either traumatize the other person or gets traumatized because of our actions as the relationship may be in turning toxic because of a lack of emotional stability. It is an excellent stone to be gifted to your partner where either of you is insecure in the relationship and suffering from anxiety issues or even panic attacks when something slightly goes off track.

If your or your partner’s life solely revolves around your relationship, this is an excellent stone to be used as it will help in discovering a lot of details about each other which may be something that you may both enjoy doing together.

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One thing I love about this crystal is that it helps you in grounding yourself and have a backbone in the relationship and not mold yourself as per the liking of your partner (remember Julia Robert’s egg preference kept changing as per her fiance in Runaway Bride)


Rhodochrosite is a Master Healer for the heart. It promotes unconditional, selfless, and compassionate love. It is one of the premier stones for all kinds of relationships (family, friends, colleagues). This is an excellent stone especially when you are dealing with a deep emotional loss; it helps us acknowledge and address our feelings and emotions, which will help us release everything that does not serve us any purpose. If someone has crossed the rainbow bridge and you would like to communicate with the departed being it is an excellent stone (All these communications to be done with a lot of protection and shielding).

This stone can also help in finding missing people or pet communication. When you know someone (or if it is you) who has given up all hopes, lost their fighting spirit, and let go of their creativity, gift them a Rhodochrosite; they will thank you later.

Emotional Wound Healing with the 3 R's


Many people ask me if these crystals can be used without Reiki? Absolutely one may, but I find Reiki gives an extra boost.

I used this combination between 2016-2019 when I faced a series of unfortunate personal and professional losses.

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These crystals not only helped me to put on a brave face but also got people in my life whom I to date treasure and cherish in my…

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