Unraveling the Spirits’ Presence with Reiki – Healing Case Study

The term “Spirit” always sends a chill down the spine and we all fear that we never encounter one. Spirits are someone who left their body but have not been able to cross to other side of the world to take a peaceful rebirth in some living form or other. While few are good spirits, others can quiet possibly create havoc in our life. However, I learnt that instead of calling them as Spirits, I prefer calling them ENERGY as they are also a part of our Universe and everything in the Universe is nothing but ENERGY.

One such case I healed was of a client who never had peace all her life. Something or other kept happening in her life which used to take away her peace and keep her emotionally drained. She herself been into Alternate healing modalities like Reiki, Access Bars, Theta healing, Crystals, etc, she took up self-healing, used crystals, took sessions of PLR; but nothing seemed to help her for long term. Once while giving a Access Bar session to her client, she saw two visions which she realised that she used to see them earlier too but she had never healed them. Intuitively she requested to take up her healing as her past efforts to access past life to resolve the problem had not worked.

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Her first vision was that of someone falling off the bridge and other was that of someone in a jail, sitting in solitude with head bowing down in the knees. She didn’t know if both visions were connected, so I started healing both the vision purely on basis of intuition. So initially I started passing healing energies to both vision without any judgement. After few sessions I started dissolving cords with healing light to both the vision realising in subsequent healing sessions, that both the visions were connected to each other and that the cords had stopped dissolving.

So I started taking guidance from my crystal “KYNAITE” as to why I wasn’t able to dissolve them. I even started requesting AA Michael to protect me completely during this healing as intuitively I started getting jitters as something unnerving was going to unfold. After two to three sessions of healing and trying to dissolve the cords unsuccessfully and taking regular guidance and protection, I started feeling some “ENERGY” near my left ear. I started calling in angels to help me communicate to this Energy. I started healing the visions as well as Energy. I started asking questions like:

  • Are you connected to these visions?
  • Are you connected to my Client in any way?
  • Are you the reason of her loss of peace?
  • Please feel safe to connect to me communicate to me.

After more three sessions, it started communicating, making it very clear that Energy would not allow my Client to be at peace. I started praying angels to help me for better communication and stay with me while I used to communicate to Energy. I used to give clear instructions to AA Michael to always protect me…

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