Ask RMT – Does intense heat mean move on or stay in that area?

As Reiki energies flow between the practitioner and the recipient during the Reiki session, the two bodies may respond or react with particular sensations. We’re often asked about the significance of feeling heat, but one can experience a myriad of other sensations like warmth, cold, goosebumps, chills, and even short-term uneasiness if there’s pent-up emotional tension and stress in a certain area of the body.

Every person’s attunement and healing experience are unique but some valuable insights on this topic from well-experienced Reiki Masters are always extremely useful and appreciated by our community!

Question from Susan Liskowicz:

“I just received Reiki Level 2 Attunement. I mostly self-practice but have recently given treatments to my husband and daughter to start learning to give Reiki to others.

My question is, when I self-treat, my Heart chakra gets very hot. Does that mean I should linger longer or is that a sign I should move to a new spot?

When I did my daughter, one of the positions on her head got very hot, and I thought I should move so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable. She noticed the heat too. Also, she had pain in her clavicle when I was near her Throat chakra. I didn’t know what to tell her regarding that.

So, does intense heat mean move on or stay in that area? And why would an area feel uncomfortable?”

Answer from Judy Camblor,

Great question! Here is my experience with heat in certain areas or chakras. Chakras are connected to certain glands and organs in the body. The Heart chakra is connected to the heart, immune system, lungs, lymph and thymus glands. The clavicle is in the Throat chakra area, and the Throat chakra, which is connected to the eyes, ears, muscles, nerves, throat and thyroid.

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When I experience heat in an area or a chakra, I channel more Reiki to the affected chakra or area. While I am giving Reiki I normally channel Reiki to each area/chakra the amount of time that it takes me to take three deep breaths. This allows me to feel the energy of that area/chakra, notice any differences in temperature, receive any intuitive healing messages or other sensation I receive from it, and channel that area/chakra with the amount of Reiki that it needs. When heat is present, I hold the intention in that area/chakra to release any excess life force energy that is creating an imbalance.

When I feel heat, I am usually intuitively guided to intend that the Reiki I channel slow the activity of the chakra or energetic area to bring it back into balance. It is my experience that too much heat coming from a chakra means that it is overactive just as too much of a cool sensation means that it is underactive. While we all want our chakras to be active, over-or-under-activity in any chakra will create an imbalance throughout the system which can also result in physical pain.

In your case, where you have feel a large amount of heat in your Heart chakra, consider the following options in…

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