When You Are Feeling Vibrations in your body – The 4 Signs

Some people feel intense vibrations in their body at some point in their lives. These vibrations are the harbingers of spiritual illumination.

Most people who experience them often think that they are symptomatic of physiological disease. They continuously knock on their doctor’s door and get frustrated when the treatment doesn’t do them any good.

Our spiritual journey dives us deeper into our spiritual realms. It familiarises us with ourselves even if we try our best to resist its advances.

Our spiritual body is tainted with fears, insecurities, self-ego and all sorts of negative energies.

These vibrations inside our body try to eliminate these malevolent presences and strive to turn us into compassionate human beings. They cleanse our spirits to make room for perpetual love and light.

Episodes of Intense headache, Nausea, fever

During this process, your psychic senses get attuned to these vibrations, and that is why the symptoms are felt at a deeper level.

You might experience intense headaches, fever, nausea etc. when your vibrations are being raised. You feel giddy and dizzy during these vibrations because you are slowly adapting yourself to your spiritual body and getting introduced to a world of new energies.

Our spiritual and physical bodies and everything around us is composed of energy. We emit a particular frequency that is received by others around us.

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When we emit low energy waves, they have an adverse effect on people. That is why some people are manipulative and downright deplorable because they haven’t yet received the gift of “higher vibration”.

As your vibration rises, you can access your spiritual realm which help you to comprehend yourself better.

The frequency of the spiritual world is high, and in order to synchronise with it, your vibrational frequency must sky-rocket as well to align with your spiritual frequency.

Feeling lethargic and Unwilling

Developing sloth-like tendencies, and feeling emotionally and physically drained is all because of feeling vibrations in your body.

The process of spiritual illumination requires a lot of energy in order to propel a spiritual body to a higher vibration.

That is why, you might feel as if you have already utilised all your reserves of energy, and are running on nothing but sheer will.

Feeling detached from your physical body

An ethereal feeling might also envelop you during this process.

When you learn to use your spiritual body for the first time, you will feel completely disconnected from your physical body, as if someone has cut the cord between the two.

In order to thread yourself back to your physical body, you must strike a balance between your spiritual and physical bodies.

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Your ears might also ring tinnily and heat up considerably. They’ll instantly become hot when someone touches them.

People who learn how to channel the energy of their vibrations often feel this symptom.

This helps them to develop the ability of Clairauditory, through which they can communicate with spirits and anticipate danger from a mile away.

Feeling vibrations in your body is nothing to be afraid of. This temporary agony slowly transforms into perpetual stability and aligns you with your higher consciousness.

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