Feng Shui Purse Tips for Wealth and Good Fortune in 2023!

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Are you looking to attract more wealth and abundance into your life?

Has your purse become a catch-all for your daily life?

Are you frustrated every time you look for something in your purse?

Are you struggling to achieve financial success or to keep more of the money you already have?

If so, it’s time to feng shui your purse!

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Feng Shui Purse Tips: Key Takeaways

  • Your purse is used on a daily basis, so it’s important to keep it organized and stress-free.
  • Your purse is like your wallet – a key placeholder for money. That means it affects how money flows into and throughout your life.
  • Your purse should be organized to support wealth management and a positive relationship with money.
  • The most important thing to remember when it comes to feng shui for your purse is to keep it clean, decluttered, organized, and in good condition.
  • You can also choose a feng shui lucky purse color to increase money luck!

Why Should You Feng Shui Your Purse?

If you use your purse on a daily basis, you know that it’s more than just a fashion accessory.

It is what holds your life together!

It holds everything from your money to work essentials. And if you have young children, it probably also doubles as a diaper bag.

Because your purse is essential to your everyday life, it’s important that it is well-organized and easy to use.

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And that’s where feng shui comes in.

Feng shui will not only make using your purse an easier part of your day, but it can also help you attract wealth and abundance!

Here are some reasons why you should feng shui your purse:

  1. Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Because your purse usually holds your wallet, cash, and credit cards, it’s a symbol of wealth and abundance.

In feng shui, any place that holds your money is important for attracting abundance and financial success.

  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anything you use on a daily basis can affect your well-being. If your purse is disorganized or full of junk and trash, it can cause stress and anxiety.

Even if you don’t realize it, your subconscious does! And when you bump up against that stress and anxiety every day, it drags down your overall vibration and makes it harder to attract good things (and positive Chi) into your life.

  1. Show Off Your Style and Increase Your Confidence

Of course, your purse is also a style and fashion statement.

In feng shui, your clothing reflects who you are and how you move through the world.

Carrying a purse that reflects your personal style will help you attract new opportunities and success.

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And it will also affect how you feel and can boost your self-confidence, which makes the world respond to you differently (and makes it easier to attract what you want!)

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How to Feng Shui Your Purse

Clear Out The Clutter

In feng shui, clutter blocks energy flow.

Go through your purse and remove the trash, old receipts, gum wrappers, food, and any unnecessary items.

Then sort everything else into three categories:

Items you need easy access to (like keys, your phone, your wallet,) items you need occasionally (like receipts, coupons, and first aid items,) and items that you don’t need to carry with you but you keep in your purse for convenience.

Get rid of anything that isn’t essential or that’s served its purpose (like old receipts or membership cards you no longer use.)

Clean It

If you are going to reuse your current purse, it’s time to clean it!

Wipe out the inside and any pockets.

Clean the outside with a cleaner that’s material-appropriate.

If your purse is leather, don’t forget to condition it!

Dirt and grime create stagnant energy and can get in the way of attracting abundance!

Repair or Replace Broken or Worn Out Items

In feng shui, broken items or extremely worn items attract stuck energy.

If your purse has holes, for example, it can create energy leaks where money drains away. Broken items = broken energy!

row of colorful purses

Organize It

If you have a lot of things in your purse, now’s the time to decide how to organize them.

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There are many inexpensive purse organizers, and you can also use zipper pouches or other containers.

Organize it so that like items are together.

Make sure you have easy access to the things you use the most, like your keys, wallet, and phone.

Consider Your Current Style

Clothing and fashion accessories represent your personal energy in feng shui, and that includes your purse.

Just like our mindsets towards money affect how much money we have in our lives and what we do with it, carrying around a purse that doesn’t match your vision of yourself (or who you want to be) can also affect your money and opportunities in life.

And oftentimes what we are hanging onto (and carrying with us!) is a direct metaphor for how things are going in our lives.

Make sure you audit those metaphors often.


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