Fusing Reiki with Infant Care

Being an energy worker, I am always trying to figure creative and practical ways of fusing energy work in daily life. Recently, I have embarked on a new personal journey – that of being a mother. As usual, I am eagerly and proactively thinking of ways to fuse energy healing through daily activities for my newborn.

In India, most of us follow a tradition to massage the baby with organic oils to promote bone health, muscle development and blood circulation. Another reason why this is encouraged is to enhance the mother-baby bonding through physical contact (assuming that the mother is massaging the baby). My newborn initially, was not very welcoming of the idea of getting an oil massage and would relentlessly cry till bath time was done – until now. What changed? Well, I fused Reiki with my oil massages. It’s simple, easy and effective and something even Reiki Level one practitioners can fuse in their routines with their infants.

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It begins with fusing the oil with Reiki energy and setting clear intentions of health, vitality and happiness. This can be done by simply holding the bottle or oil canister between your hands and channeling Reiki energy to it. You don’t need to do this everyday, but can do it as often as you like.

The next thing is the massage itself. Take some oil in your palms and rub them together to spread it evenly on your hands. Start with the scalp and gently massage this oil channeling Reiki to your infant. Moving down to the face, the shoulders, neck and arms imagine or intend this light to fill your baby with peace, health, happiness and blessings. Move towards to torso and slowly down the legs to the soles of the feet. Remember to massage the back and hips as well. Keep topping up the oil in your palms as and when needed.

Since I am clairvoyant, I visualize light flowing into my baby’s being through my hands. You can choose to imagine it this way or work with your gifts. In addition to this, what works wonders for me is that I invoke the Angels to be present and fuse their love and healing in the session.

Fusing Reiki with Infant Care

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This is an amazing experience and ever since I have begun doing this my baby has begun enjoying her massage and bath time. And a small note from my personal experience – you don’t need to be silent and serious through it all. Take this as your personal time between you and your baby (for me it is me, my baby and my Angels). Make it fun, say stories and take the initiative to use this as an interactive time with your baby. Reiki and the Angels are both highly intelligent energies and will continue to fuse love and healing irrespective of whether you are constantly intending it or not. Just a pure intention in the beginning of the session is enough.

Once you are done with the massage you can bathe your baby with any baby product you may be using. Again, you can take this a step…

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