How Can Guided Hypnosis Help You Manifest Your Sesires?

Guided Hypnosis for Better Manifestation

Can someone hypnotize you through a video or a simple recording? If you have doubts about the hypnosis tracks, you need to know that you can be hypnotized for your own good. And hence, we suggest reading this article carefully because we discuss the whole concept of guided hypnosis and its linkage with the manifestation process.

For some of us, it is tough to visualize, and to seek external assistance is not always possible. No matter how much hard you try or hire a guru or an expert, you still might face difficulties in visualizing your ideal life and manifesting your goals.

The more you push yourself hard, the more it will be challenging and tedious to concentrate and manifest your goals. You will observe that other people are good at manifesting (because they can visualize very well), and this will frustrate you more, leading to obstacles in the visualization process. Yes, we know visualization is hard, but it doesn’t mean it is rocket science. With effective techniques such as guided hypnosis, you can manifest your goals.

So, let us learn a few things in this article. Before we move to the actual part of the role of guided hypnosis in the manifestation process, let us first understand the term of guided hypnosis in general.

If you go through the internet to know more about guided hypnosis, you can find hundreds of people benefit from this incredible technique of manifestation. Many have quit smoking, some have managed to get rid of depression and other feelings, and some had even found hope and climbed the ladder of success when they were about to quit everything.

Guided hypnosis is an effective and scientifically-proven tool to seek the best and maximum out of your life. How does it help? Let us check in the further sections.

What is Guided Hypnosis and How does it work?

In hypnosis, you enter a trance state in which your conscious mind relaxes and takes a break for a while, allowing your subconscious mind to take charge. You can use a guided track or a professional hypnotherapist to get into this mental state. You can also do hypnosis on your own if you are thoroughly trained or are well-versed with the entire process.

This state is like a buffering zone in which your subconscious mind is the central processing unit of the brain and works actively.

We have two scenarios that will help you understand the overall working of the hypnosis process. When you are exhausted from a day’s work, you will reflect on your day, think about the decision-making you did, the lessons you learned, the problems you solved, and the quick actions you took. But when you get in the car and drive home, you will realize that your conscious mind has taken rest, and your subconscious mind is doing the work. You will reach home safely but you will wonder, “Was it risky to drive the car subconsciously?” This has happened with us several times, but it is a perfect example of your subconscious mind getting into the buffering zone and doing all the necessary work.

Another example is when you read a book or watch a movie when all your senses are focused on these things. You get so immersed and indulged in the process that you move into tears or feel joyful when you read the book. Your conscious mind is not worrying or thinking about the goals, and your subconscious has taken charge.

When your subconscious mind is working effectively, the logical component of your brain is not active and does not get involved in the decision-making process or any analytical activities.

Now, let us learn how the work happens. Even if there is no strong and full-fledged evidence or detailed logic of how hypnosis is so effective, we have a short explanation for you. Hypnosis works when your subconscious mind is activated, and your mindset is reprogrammed at a certain level. Conscious thinking takes a backseat and happens at the surface level. The working of the subconscious mind happens due to repetitive thinking and as per a definite pattern.

When you initially started learning to drive or ride a bicycle, your entire conscious mind was directed towards the learning part. It was on an active mode when you did the learning. But as you learn and become proficient in it with time, it becomes a repeated action, and your conscious mind doesn’t have to take up the charge. Driving became automatic. If there is something needed to be alert, particularly at night hours, your conscious mind will suddenly take the lead and do the necessary action. That’s why you can drive safely when you are in a trance state.

Hypnosis works in a similar fashion. It taps the subconscious mind and develops a permanent mindset, and you do not have to worry about the mishaps (if any).

How is hypnosis related to manifestation?

The Law of Attraction works on a simple yet powerful principle, “like attracts like.” Your thinking patterns, your feelings, and your actions denote a lot in your life and dictate the energy that you attract in your life and is duly sent by the Universe. Feeling worthless will attract more experiences in which you feel worthless. Similarly, if you feel happy and satisfied, you will attract more opportunities that make you feel happy.

Hypnosis helps you create and program your mindset to attract more of what you want and ask for from the Universe. It is a kind of visualization that will help your subconscious mind come to the surface and do the needful. You are no more worried about the worries, fears, and doubts that haunt you when your conscious mind is active. The foundation of your thinking is rebuilt, and you want to adopt the new realities like positive thinking and good feeling as a part of your new mindset and leave all the negativities aside. You experience feelings such as love, success, and abundance, and you feel happier than ever.

As a result, the Universe figures out that you are a happy person and sends you all the abundance in the world. You seek more opportunities to express gratitude and feel happier and more peaceful.

Hypnosis develops new truths that tune and elevate your vibrations and match with the energies of your mind and soul.

Guided Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

When people realize the importance of hypnosis, they think of hiring an expert, a hypnotherapist, to let them help in the manifestation journey. But you need to understand the difference between the two terms.

A hypnotherapist is a trained and qualified individual in this field, and he will take the opportunity to meet you in person or through video calls. They will understand your background history, your current mindsets, and feelings to advise you on the right hypnosis program. They will work on your issues and specify relevant packages. Believe us; this will be on the expensive side as they will have customized programs for you as per your requirements.

But in the case of guided hypnosis, you can seek guided audio tracks that you can play on your smartphone without the need of an expert. They are cost-effective even if they are not customized. You can listen to it in your private room; you don’t have to visit an expert each time you need a boost from the hypnosis program. If you have a generic problem such as smoking addiction, you can find plenty of options on the internet.

You have to be careful while picking the track. The tracks should be authentic and created by professionals. These days, you can find random people posting tracks on the internet and claiming them to be hypnosis. So, conducting research is mandatory before you incorporate them into your routines.

You will need a certain number of hypnotherapy sessions to feel better. In the case of guided hypnosis, you will be the one to decide how many tracks and for how long you want to listen to them.

In both these techniques, you will have to take the initiative and not let the other person do the magic. So, this is the only common thing that we observed.

How can you seek the best results from a guided hypnosis program?

In this section, we will clearly discuss the ways you can use and optimize a guided hypnosis program and improve your mindset. You simply listen to the track before falling asleep or whenever you have leisure time, and it works. Following are the tips you can implement to make guided hypnosis work faster and better:

1. Accept the process and trust it

If you want hypnosis to work for you, you need to believe in it. Only then will the thing work for your goals. If you doubt all the time and do not trust the process, and feel that it is merely experimentation and nothing serious, then we have doubts whether it will work for you or not. Hypnosis is all about mind and mindset, and hence, you should clear all the negativities out of your mind and not doubt the process and the concept.

It is okay to feel a little doubtful, but if you are overly sceptical and are taking each step for granted, then we are not sure whether it will work for you. Just be open-minded, and you will know how it works for you.

2. Let it come naturally

Another mistake that people commonly do is to force experiencing emotions or a new mindset. Your mind is not like a machine; you cannot feed hypnosis into it and expect as it should work. You should feel the pulling from your conscious, and the subconscious should become active when you tune into the hypnosis program. You should not be stressed or worried; you should be happy and relaxed when you do so. The best thing is not to expect miracles on the first tuning itself. You should listen to the soothing voice and get immersed and not force your mind to do the necessary. Just relax, and we bet it will happen!

3. Prepare for hypnosis

While listening, you might have to take a call or use the restroom or just get up and do nothing. Yes, it happens with several people when they start for the first time. So, we suggest preparing for the program. You can relax and feel comfortable, do all the tasks of the day, use the restroom, and set your phone to silent mode. Do not try to gulp down a cup of coffee, as it will make you feel jittery.

Just find something that makes you feel comfortable. It could be scented candles or you are alone at home. It is okay to adjust your sitting position or stretch a bit, don’t feel stressed about that. Just take a deep breath and be back to the track.

4. Create a routine

If you listen to a guided hypnosis track once in a while and do not adhere to a schedule, you are not doing well then. You should create a routine. Set a fixed timing and a proper ritual of listening to the guided tracks, and you will seek results in no time. Remember that your subconscious can grow only when you repeat the same thing. And that’s why you should include guided hypnosis in your routine.

5. Use guided hypnosis before sleeping

The best time to listen to guided hypnosis is to listen to them before you go to sleep. Whatever you want to manifest in your physical world should be first created as thoughts in the non-physical world. Sleep is the best time as your mind retires and you don’t feel like worrying about what to do next. You can feed your mind with positivity easily.

So, if you want to try hypnosis, we suggest understanding the concept and working well and implementing the tips given above.

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