What is a Manifestation Box and Effective Ways to Utilize it?

What is a Manifestation Box?

It is also known as a wish box or a creation box, but when it comes to the Law of Attraction, it is typically called a Manifestation Box. This box is like a channel that helps you carry your message and take it to the Universe. In this way, the Universe knows what you truly want and sends the signs and signals accordingly. The saying, ‘thoughts become things,’ becomes more special and takes it to the next level through this simple act. As a result, you become liberated and can witness plenty of opportunities and ideas that help you accomplish your desires.

The box contains only those messages which are notable for you and conveys a meaning and personal touch to the Universe. You can fill the box with images, affirmations, objects, or even messages; it is all for you and up to you. You can use any kind of box; you don’t have to shop for the same specially. You can even put things that are lucky for you. It could be a feather or a bracelet, something that brings fortune and good vibes to your life. Now, let us to the process of creating a box with emotions and messages and ways to utilize it effectively.

How Can You Create a Simple Yet Effective Manifestation Box?

The box should not stress you or the Universe in any way. On the contrary, it should bring positivity to your life and compassion and love to your heart. It should carry the highest vibrations and not contain any negative energies that you hold on to in the form of fears or doubts. In short, it must be simple, sweet, and full of radiance.

Ingredients for a perfect manifestation box

  1. A simple box with a lid; it does not need to be fancy. But if you are a creative type, you can go for something that attracts your attention.
  2. Make it beautiful by decorating it in your own way.
  3. Draft a letter of intent to keep inside the box.
  4. Add symbols of your dreams such as images, objects, or affirmations.
  5. Place the box in a suitable location that has maximum positive energies.

Let us start with the writing process of the Letter of Intent.

We all have the capability to create and set goals for ourselves. It is similar to setting an intention; hence, we don’t think you will face any challenges here. However, the major line of difference between setting goals and setting an intention is that you have faith in the latter. You should get the feeling that the Universe knows you well and is ready to listen to your intentions. It is not just sending an intention without knowing whether the Universe exists or not. Faith is crucial.

Write your letter of intent in positive language and not with any feelings of anger, doubt, or resentment. You should write as if your dreams are already manifested, and you are happy about it. You will feel excited and have a sense of gratitude towards the Universe. It should look like you are thanking the Universe and are happy to receive the blessings. This will naturally elevate the vibrations of the highest kind.

If you write a letter desperately longing for a life partner, “I am lonely, and life is hard. I want a life partner badly. Please send one cute guy/girl, Universe; I will be very happy if you do that.”

This isn’t the right form of writing a letter of intent. Instead, you should write the same letter in the following manner:

Dear Universe,

Thank you for sending me love in the form of a caring family and amazing friends. I am so happy that you have always been generous in blessing me with the right people in life.

This sounds fake to most of you, but it is an ideal form of expressing gratitude. You have met amazing people in life if you remember. Not all people are bad. So, acknowledge the nicest people and moments, and you can notice the difference.

While writing an intent letter, pay attention to the specifics. The Universe does not like confusion and is not good at reading your minds either. Hence, be as specific as possible while writing the letter. It also helps in the visualization exercises you will be doing later. What kind of house do you want? What kind of partner do you want? What kind of body shape do you want?

When you specify, the Universe will know what you want and will start the preparation accordingly.

Valuable things that can be added in a manifestation box

You have the complete liberty to decide what goes in the manifestation box. So, apart from the letter of intent, you can add options to this box and let it flow with radiance and abundance.

1. Affirmations

Yes, the affirmations will be in written form. Write simple statements in positive language and present tense. For instance, “I am safe in my partner’s arms. I am blessed with love and positivity.” Such affirmations filled with the strongest emotion you have can do the magic. When you write affirmations, you need to draft them in a healthy and positive mindset. Affirmations are an excellent way to charge your box with energy and radiance that no other tool can do.

Hence, get away from all the fears and doubts, and write down the affirmations with a liberated state of mind. No one has access to your box except the Universe and so, let your creativity flow. Even if you are a starter regarding the Law of Attraction, you can work on smaller goals first and then go for the bigger one. Then, when you are energetic and align with your dreams, you can achieve anything in the world.

2. Imagery

The next thing that can be effective for the manifestation is imagery. It could be visual cut-outs from magazines or your own paintings and drawings. But these should have 100 percent relevance with your desires as specified in the letter of intent. Again, if you are a truly creative person, this will attract your attention.

You can add the image of your dream car, your dream house, or the beach vacation you always wanted to go for. However, note that the same has been mentioned in the letter of intent. If you write a dream house in the letter and add an image of a car, the Universe might get highly confused. Streamline your creativity; you don’t have to be in your comfort zone.

3. Symbolic Objects

If you own a symbolic object that is about your desire or dream, you can seek more benefits by adding them to the manifestation box. It could be something you bought from the gift shop, or your inheritance, or someone must have gifted you. It could be lucky for you or give you positive vibes. If it is more related to your current desire or dream, it will be great.

For instance, a close friend must have gifted you a bracelet that you like. Or you have a toy car that is a replica of your dream car. Or you can even put money in the box for financial abundance but ensure that you don’t spend it.

4. Crystals

Derived from the minerals of the planet Earth, crystals are valuable stones that radiate at the highest frequencies. They connect with the source energy and have varying properties. Following are the crystals you can consider:

  1. Clear Quartz – An energy amplifier, it is used commonly in watches and works with other crystals too. It connects with source energy and establishes a connection between physical and non-physical. It sharpens your gut feeling and assists in manifestation.
  2. Rose Quartz – It is great for love and relationships, and you can manifest amazing friends or a soulmate with this crystal.
  3. Amethyst – It connects the Universal powers and physical world, and helps you understand signs from the Universe and manifestation.
  4. Citrine – It is ideal for abundance and attracts wealth and prosperity.

How can you benefit from a manifestation box?

Just like a vision board, a manifestation box is a tool of the Law of Attraction that helps you to manifest desires quickly and effectively. Though the intentions are the same, they are different. A vision board is prepared by cutting out the images of your desires and placing the board on a wall to see it often. It acts like an inspiration board or a reminder for you to take action and think positively about your goals.

But a manifestation box is different. It is like a ‘set and forget’ box in which you place the desires for the Universe and do not turn up to check the box often. You simply need to de-stress and get emotionally detached from your box as they have already been conveyed to the Universe. You are no longer required to worry or think about desires all the time. It is created to let the Universe take the responsibility and let it know what you want specifically.

It helps you to strike a proper balance between your heart and mind and lets you work on thoughts, emotions, and actions. In short, a manifestation box does the following:

  1. It establishes a connection between your desires and the Universe.
  2. It lets you be creative and be specific about your goals.
  3. It lets you determine what you want in life.
  4. It creates a proper, holy place for your desires.

You can create the box and hide it away as it won’t stress you out and will not distract you from taking action. Or, if you are not of this type and want the box at sight, you can place it on your side table or the dresser. Whenever you notice the box, repeat the affirmation you had placed inside and remind yourself that you are on the right track.

Simple rituals you can do to amplify the manifestation box energies

When you are done with the creation and placement of the manifestation box, you can carry out the following rituals for your own benefit:

  1. Burn sage and get rid of all the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  2. Remind yourself of the intention strongly as the sage burns. Wave the sage and let the aroma spread across the room.
  3. Light candles (4 as it signifies balance), and repeat the affirmations.
  4. Express gratitude towards the Universe.

We hope the above-detailed processes will help you set up a perfect manifestation box for manifesting your desires.

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